NSRA Committee Vacancies!


Committee Vacancies

Your Committee are very sad to have three of the current Committee standing down at this year’s AGM.

Bob Sheppard is standing down as Member without Portfolio, Bob has been on the Committee for five years and prior to that had been a Blue Crew Member since 2009.

Pike Murray has been the Legislation Officer since 2017 and has helped steer the NSRA through some tricky moments and continues to monitor new threats to our hobby.

Gary Sims has been the ESRA Representative for two years and has been instrumental in two great trips to Sweden and Switzerland as well as being our youngest Committee Member.

We are sure you will want to thank Bob, Pike and Gary for their massive contribution to the NSRA.

We have renamed two of the vacancies to reflect the ever changing face of or hobby. These changes do not contravene the Constitution.

Member without Portfolio is to become Event Crew Co-ordinator

ESRA Representative to change to Young Members Co-ordinator

This change is due to the ESRA becoming a bi annual event, we will still send a Committee member to the ESRA meetings. We feel that is important for the future of the NSRA to give young members a voice and feel that having this new Committee Position will enhance our commitment to encourage the next generation and secure our hobby for future years.

Committee Vacancies

Event Crew Co-ordinator
The new position covers the majority of the work that previously has been covered by the Member without Portfolio, liaising with the Blue Crew and the those who offer to help for a few hours at the events. Rota’s need to be prepared and implemented. The direct involvement with event planning helps with the knowledge of how best to utilised the Event Crew.

Young Member Co-ordinator
As a new role, we have no definite guidelines. We would hope the new Coordinator would look at ways to encourage the young members to get the most out of their Membership, to encourage new young Members and bring new ideas to the table with regard to the young Members and also to the Events.
While it is not a necessity for this position to be held by a young Member, it would be a great advantage.

Legislation Officer
This role is to keep up date with new Legislation, particularly changes that would have an impact upon our hobby. To continue to build on our great relationship with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. To receive and answer queries from Members with regard to legislation and IVA. Any questions, please ask a current committee member who will only be too happy to help.

We are a friendly bunch and are all dedicated to the future of the NSRA. Please don’t be afraid to give it a go, we haven’t eaten anyone as of yet!!! Any new Committee Member will not be thrown in a the deep end and expected to know everything, everyone works together as a TEAM.

Nomination Forms will be available at a later date from the Secretary.