August 2006, Dan Parker takes up the offer of a unique opportunity to join well-known US rodders;
'The Rolling Bones', on a mammoth cross-state road trip from New York to Bonneville salt flats
for 2006 Speed Week. This page tells Dan's story.
Click images to see the bigger picture...

Rolling Bone - Ken Schmidt's
bitchin' dark-red-primer B coupe
sitting waiting for the big road
trip to Bonneville 2006.

“Another” evil sister... my first
view in the flesh!

The house of horrors where
much hot rod wickedness
takes place!

Keiths Y block powered beast
taking a last minute rest
before the "off"



Paul from Cape Cod made the
trip in his A roadster





Pedal car ready for the
75th Anniversary of
the “Deuce”...

Primered 5 winda showed
up to wish us luck!



 Early Saturday morning
ready for the off from
Ken's place

Much modified bus met us
out at Lake Eerie




Quaker Steak and Lube
diner with other rodders


Keith doing his thing.......
moving on down the road
in his own zone


Mass stop at unknown
gas station

Interior of one evil sister,
these cars are unbelievably
comfortable, praise the lowered!

One of the Bones Brothers.......
Ken enjoying the drive...........



Dave and Ron in the Nash,
in the rain, just out side of
Council Bluffs, Iowa


The Bones trailer, with uncle
George at the wheel...

Keith overtaking Ken and
getting into his zone again.......

Fan belt on Kens coupe went,
the only breakdown for the
coupes in 2,300 miles or so!

This was also the point after we had just been stopped by Nebraska's finest,
entertainment galore!

Lots of open highway,
just right for the Bones evil sisters
to stretch there legs a bit.


We travelled for about 10-12
hours a day covering around
600-700 miles, some of them
fast one's


This was a superb lunch stop,
good food, good beer, and
peanut shell throwing contests



Sunshine again, on our way to
Cheyenne for an over night stop

Keith's car really rocks, fuel stops
were plenty, giving time for the
others to play catch up!


Black clouds, a huge temperature
drop, and funnels for twisters forming...

Keith gunned us through the
weather before the worst came,
some serious lightening!


A typical Boner evening, good talk,
good beer and plenty of American
take-out food

Most motels didn't allow more
than two per room, so there
was lots of sneaking through
the fire exits


Wyoming, Cowboy Country, the
best scenery, and superb clear
roads that we can only
dream about!


Front tyres on Ken's coupe
suffering bad shake, so we
swapped with the
race car's rollers

Visit to Wyotech, hot/street rod
college at Laramie, amazing
facilities, of course they
loved the cars.



Rocks and snakes, again superb scenery, all this through the
windows of those evil sisters

One of the guys Matt has a bit of
a rock fetish, but hates snakes,
so he was in two minds
about all this!


Just check that road
couldnt want for better,
believe me

Ken getting the upper hand
for a while

Keith's windscreen has part of
a 1952 sales type sticker on
the inside, lacquered for
protection of course



Cool "toilet" stop just outside
of Salt Lake City

Wouldn't you love to own
this place?!!!!




In the tow van with Paul driving, heading for Wendover out
of Salt Lake



First views of the Salt, we made
the trip a day early and with
no major hitches, everyone
was jubilant

Bizarre monument type
sculpture thing on the flats
just outside of Wendover

Proud Paul with his A, we
decided to get rid of the resto
rod look... keep watching!

Downtown Wendover without
the racers... in other
words DEAD!



 “Wendover Will” now in his
new position


If we have to! A bit of Race Car
prep, they don't take things too seriously these boys!

Pauls car looking a lot
cooler... he did thank us later!

Jake and Louann made
the trip from New Jersey,
cool flattie powered Ford gets plenty of miles put on her

Most of the "Boners" just chilling
in the shade outside of the Nuggett

Proof I woz there and not in Parkhurst as most of the
Wheelers thought!

Paul and I checked the salt out
and made a fast journey back to Wendover

34 made 189mph last year in
"street trim" he was aiming for
200 + this year.


Fresh out of a Don Montgomery book...

Getting the hang of this now,
own chairs coolers full of beer
and our own Dumpster!

Crpcar arrived from out west...
big Ron having a word

The race car ready for action, the boys wish they would let them
run the crossplys on the salt!

 The Bones line up for 2006,
power parking at its best... the
night before the salt invasion!

Early morning view of the salt,
this place was designed for
hot rods...

The crew in line for tech on the
first day of 2006 speed week

Johns 5 winda is a Bones
vehicle... can you tell!!!

The Evil sisters get there first "taste" of salt


George our amazing T shirt
salesman gives direction to organizing the pits.


 Paul does his best pose


The whole crew doing the sponsorship pics, the guys had
a little bit of help from Nappa


The pedal car is part of the 75th Deuce anniversary and will be auctioned in January for charity

How's that for a very cool line
up, as you may have guessed
I'm addicted to these cars



Tom's cool roadster with Studebaker engine up front


Peter Vincent has literally
hundreds of photos of these cars,
but he still wants more

Possibly my best day?!? All the Boners racing (i'm talking way
over 100mph) to the Vincent
photo shoot


Paul trying not to lose all his hair
to wind and salt


The guys got some cool pics of
the pedal car on the salt ready
for another 100mph plus pass!






Tom Fritz showed for photo's of mainly Paul and his A, I told you Paul would thank us!!!

The lights gone so we make our
way home...

Cool roaster in the parking lot


Cool modified with banger by
Morty's hop up pits

Check the tie on between the head lights, this guy was a Wyotech instructor




In the long long lines, best Salt
and weather in years brought
out nearly 500 entrants!




Pulling through the lines

Fabian, Tom and Adam run their rear engined modified in a new class; they went over 200!

Barn fresh racer anyone?
Complete with fake chickens...

Nice truck!







Ken and Keith awaiting in line
for the first run for the Boners


 Fabian getting ready for his
204mph run, took him from short
to long course, good work guys!



Ken gets the rest of his gear on, Keith assists whilst Ken’s
daughter Rachel and Dave look on




Starter gets us all ready for the run, everybody real excited...

Kens first (and only) run, the car pulls hard away but we hear it
start to flutter as he hits third.

Cool truck with some unusual features


Nicely detailed tub

Another Tub, both were photographed by Fritz and Vincent
on the Salt

Hop Up Pit area with Marks
banger powered racer

Very cool 36

Me getting towed in the lines

Imagine this at around 150!!!!



One of George Poteets racers on the salt

Keith getting ready for his run


Ready to go... another disappointing run for us, turned out before the first mile!




Very low sedan cruised the salt
for the weekend


Nice striping and Bar treatment


 Varni’s pits for one of his
legendary lunches

Dennis brings his own chefs for daily “invite” cook outs, it’s the best steak ever

Mark Mortons Hop Up 100mph banquet, held every year at the bend in the road

The sisters at the banquet, free
food, cool music and free beer

 Nice modified, driven by young guys out of Cal


The sun has set on another day
in paradise


The gang! We were out of beer now and contemplating our next move!

Lee’s very, very well built racer,
he’s ex-nascar mechanic/fabricator
– it showed




Note the Area 52 for the lap top plug in and down load!



The Plaque holds ashes of a
friend who never made a pass when he was alive!

Ken after washing the salt of
the coupe, contemplating
the trip home

The local Mexican eatery became
our place of choice in Wendover

The sun sets in Wendover on our last night at the salt



Long straight clear roads... you can’t get enough of them.


Breakdown! The Nash blew a
sidewall from the rear tyre and
had to be trailered

The only major problem, Keiths gearbox started to play up

After trying to source another 5 speed with no luck...

We decided to swap the four
speed from the race car

Is this real hot rodding or what? only some small mods
and we where ready to go!

Beautiful morning doesn’t tell of what's ahead...

Leaving Council Bluffs, me and
Keith wearing Garbage bags, the
rain was torrential

We had to stop, as we
couldn’t see through the

Made it into clearer weather!

Kens car at rest

Pauls A on the trailer for some of the journey


Nearly fatal, Kens oil pressure
switch sheared from its fitting
pouring oil out

Brucie’s place where we went to view potential future bodies for customers

How much stuff?



He had 5 bodies (3 winda) that
we saw, lots and lots of
bucks though


Any one for grill shells? Starting from $1100- ...


Parked in case of rain under
motel pull in

Supper club offered best home cooked food on the trip, and
lots of it

Line up ready for the off

Down the road, this was heading towards the infamous Chicago area

Going through tolls and into the Chicago traffic


That’s the Sears tower up front
in the mist and smog


Break time after the horrors of
the Chicago traffic

Shall we stay here for the night???

Last night on the road, money running short so it’s the budget inn for us!


Rare shot of Pauls 21 stud engine
at rest


Heading into Cleveland Ohio, past a lot of Chrysler plants


Downtown Cleveland looms on
the horizon

Kens Coupe had intermittent mis-fire so was trailered until we
could stop and fix


Gas up boys we’re heading for home, well at least they were!


Keith’s coupe starts to make some more gearbox noises

Ain't no trailer Queen... Keith's car gets a well earned break


Tried some fancy camera shots
out the door of Paul’s A



Through Amsterdam and back to
the Bones base, phew

Damage sustained to the crossfire cranked flathead during its
third run

The car only ran “109mph” disappointing for all but we’ll
be back next year

Chassis ready and painted for mock up with axles etc

34 in progress, I wont give too much away but this car will be killer

Bones workshop back room...

Nice tin waiting its turn to be
hacked and mutilated by those Boners...
Just some side notes from Dan:

We made three runs at Bonneville, only the first was measured at 109mph. The motor was an Alcohol injected Flattie with a crossfire crank as used mostly in Stock car type racing. The roadster will be back out next year with a new flathead engine that has been sitting in the bones workshop awaiting it’s turn. We travelled through at least 9 states by my reckoning, plus three time zones (each way of course), the total miles travelled by all the vehicles, two coupes, the Nash, Paul's A and the two support vehicles was approx 27,500 miles, we had few breakdowns in this time but nothing stops them enjoying the ride, these guys are well organised, resourceful and full of jokes. I can only say that having been into hot rodding since a very early age that to me a road trip like this to Bonneville, racing, and the return road trip is the ultimate hot rod experience, and that these guys are truly dedicated hot rodders, there cars are pure hot rods, loud, fast, and very, very drivable. I was lucky enough to be handed the keys to all the vehicles for my turn at the wheel and can report that they drive unbelievably well for what they are.

There are literally dozens of stories to be told from this trip, but I don’t want to out stay my welcome, if anyone wants more info please contact me via the forum; my forum name is “Muroc”.

Watch this space as over the next couple of years there will be some very exciting things to come from the tie in with the boners and the UK.

I am proud to be able to call myself a boner, and whilst travelling in those nasty evil wicked little sisters I can report I was a boner with a boner!!!

So I would like to thank the following: Ken, Keith, Chris, Matt, Rachel, Paul, George, Dave and Ron for putting up with the Limey and especially Ken’s wife Patti for supplying me with decent food, and more importantly doing all my laundry before I returned home.

Finally a Bones proverb for you to ponder:


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