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  1. Full Set Of Prostars with Tyres for Sale (Chevy S Stud)

    The rims and tyres on the '55 in the image are for sale and will be available early April Front 235x55x15 and Rear 29x12.50x15 + two spares for front wheels 205x55x15 (Chevy 5 Stud not S Stud)...
  2. Wanted American Racing "Daisy" Alloys Chevy Fit with or without Tyres

    I'm looking for a set of four AR "Daisy" Alloys for my 55' Chevy, with or without tyres. Preferably matt finish not chrome.

    drop me a message if you have some. cheers
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  4. 1955 Chevrolet Post 2 Door Unfinished Project - £19,995 Ono

    Selling my 1955 Chevy Unfinished Project. Runs, Steers and Stops. Imported 2017. BB 396ci, Hi-Rise Vintage Weiand inlet manifold, brand new twin Holley 650’s. M20 Box, American racing Alloys. Needs...
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    Looking for a Pop

    Hi All. I'm looking for a Pop or Fordson, preferably chopped with either Ford V6 or American V8 motor, Jag IRS etc, etc. Must be turn key and road legal.
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