Changes to the Forum (Jan '17)

We've made some changes to the way the NSRA Forum works.
Please make sure you read and understand the following:

NSRA Members

As long as you've provided a NSRA Membership number, forum moderators will check your membership, then set you to 'NSRA Member' status on the forum, as soon as possible.


When you first register to use the Forum, your Forum 'status' will be set to 'Intro', and you'll only be able to post in the 'Intro' section of the Forum. When you have Introduced yourself, your Intro will be approved by a Forum Moderator, and you will be upgraded to ..

.. a 'New Guest'. This is the start of your 'trial run'. New Guests on the Forum will be entitled to make 100 posts in any of the 'open' areas of the Forum. We think that 100 posts, if used wisely, could last a considerable time, and should easily allow you to seek or give advice, buy or sell an item or two, announce an event, and so on. We hope that during this time you'll discover whether the NSRA is for you, and give some consideration to joining us in the NSRA. After you have made 100 posts on the Forum, your 'trial run' is over, and you will become ..

.. a 'Guest'. Now you will only be able to post in the 'For Sale', 'Wanted', and 'Events' sections. You'll still be able to view all the other 'open' areas of the Forum - but to post in other areas, and play a full part in Forum discussions, you will need to become ..

an NSRA Member. Members can view and post in any of the Forum sections, including those set aside for 'NSRA Members Only'.

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How do I join the NSRA?

You can now join the NSRA online - please visit the NSRA web site:

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Why do I need to write an Intro?

The 'Intro' section is where we introduce ourselves, and where we can find out who we're 'talking to' on the forum.

Also, forums regularly get bogus registrations from spammers that just want use the forum to promote their 'products' to forum members - anything from kitchens, drugs, false documents, to porn. So a decent Intro tells us you're not a spammer.

If you're new to the scene, don't worry - we welcome newcomers who appreciate what hot rodding's all about (and those that want to learn!).

If you've been around the scene for a long time, remember some of the newer members might not know you - but we think they'd appreciate reading about your knowledge and experience.

This is your chance to tell us about yourself, so don't be shy. And remember you can come back and update your Intro at anytime.

What shall I put in my Intro?

A quick read of some other Intros should give you an idea, but here's a suggested list of things to include:

- Your name.

- An indication of your general location

- What sort of car you own, have owned, or would like to own.

- Car projects that you are building, have built, or would like to build.

- What got you into this hobby? How long have you been involved?

- What aspect of the hobby do you take part in, or enjoy most?

- Anything else about yourself that would be of interest to other forum users.

Anything I shouldn't include?

- At this stage, please don't include any pictures.
Pictures will be removed from your Intro.

- Please don't use your Intro to ask technical questions, advertise, or attempt to buy or sell.
Content of this nature will be removed from your Intro.

Check your User Profile too!

The Moderators will also check your 'User Profile' to make sure you've included your:
- Full Name
- General Location (town, county) - this is not visible to other forum users
- NSRA Membership number (if you are a NSRA Member)

To check or modify your User Profile:
- Click User CP at the top left of the page.
- Then click Edit Profile from the left menu.
- click the Save Changes button when you're done.

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I'm a NSRA Member, but the Forum doesn't show me as a Member

If you are an NSRA Member and the forum does not recognise you as such, please make sure you have included your membership number, then send a PM (private message) to a Forum Moderator.

NSRA Member upgrades have to be actioned manually, cross-referencing with NSRA Membership lists when necessary. This won't happen immediately, so please bear with us!

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I just made my 100th post, why didn't my status change ?

The forum software checks your post count every hour. So after your 100th post, there could be a delay before you see your status change.

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If you have any problems please send a PM (Personal Message) to a Forum Moderator.

The NSRA Forum Admin Team