I'm known as "MisteR Tee" & I can supply wheel nuts (lug nuts) of all types, locking nuts, wheel studs, centre caps, tyre valves & various other wheel-related items either by mail order or callers (by appointment only).

I dealt in aftermarket wheels & accessories for over 20 years, concentrating solely on nuts around 8 years ago & can supply most types for US wheels & cars as well as UK/European ones.

I have a website at www.mistertee.co.uk where most of my product line is viewable, together with advice & tips on wheel nuts.

I can be reached either through the PM system on here (though not recommended as I rarely remember to look!!!), best to ring 020 8680 2613 or email (sales<at>mistertee.co.uk), but remember, this is a part-time business so I may not always be able to answer immediately.

Maurice Takoor
I didn't invent the wheel, I just make sure it fits!