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Thread: Hotrod History Lesson

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    Exclamation Hotrod History Lesson

    New to Rods? Don't know your Matranga from your McMullen?

    Thanks to IanT

    Here's some pretty good introductory information, all from an unexpected source - Recommended reading for newbies, but still well worth a browse for the more knowledgeable..

    History of Hot Rods ..
    in 16 parts from the 40's to the 'future'..

    Hot Rod Profiles ..
    Over 30 rod profiles - from Iskenderian, Spencer, and Niekamp through to Jimmy Shine ..

    Custom Car Profiles ..
    Another 30 pages, from Westergard & Matranga thru to Frankenstude ..
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    The following descriptions are a general visual identification guide.

    Hot Rod
    A stripped down car built for speed.
    Pre `49 body style.
    crossply tyres.
    Hopped up engine, often exposed.
    period parts used. IE: beam axles etc.
    Steel wheels.

    Street Rod
    A more `comfortable` version of a HotRod.
    Shiney paint.
    Electric windows.
    Nicely upholstered interior.
    Modern engine. Normaly only mildly modified.
    Often independant suspension.
    Pre `49 bodystyle.
    A close cousin to the "Billet" style of Rod.

    Resto rod
    Generally an original unaltered pre `49 bodystyle.
    Generaly beam axles, but independant is used.
    Steel wheels or chrome wires.
    Radial tyres.
    All period accessories retained IE: mirrors, luggage racks etc.
    Easiest way to spot one ... it could probably sneak into a Classic car show, without being spotted.
    A close cousin to the Street Rod.

    Rat rod
    A generic term that has got over used of late.
    Tends to refer to the 'unfinished' style of Hotrod.
    Americans have tended to go with the "more deadly it looks the more of a Rat Rod it is" look.
    Tend to run crossplies.
    Steel wheels.
    Radically channelled, chopped, lowered etc etc bodies.
    Unpainted, or patinaed paint.
    If painted, un shiney, i.e. satin black, primer etc.
    The "outcast" of the HotRod world.

    Custom (Kustom)
    Tend to be 40s - 50's - `60s cars.
    smoothed. ... (Chrome trim removed).
    chopped. (roof lowering)
    Nice paint.
    Chrome steel or wire wheels (50s), or Astro`s etc (`60s).
    Built for style, not speed.

    A later cousin to the (K)Custom above.
    Late `50s-`60s family type cars like Impalas etc.
    Often have Hydraulics or Air bags.
    Interiors tend to look like a pimps house.
    Chainlink steering wheels.
    Wheels tend to be chrome wires or 5 spoke mags.
    Stretched narrow band whitewall tyres.

    Was originally a `50s-`60s drag race class based on the type of fuel used (gas).
    Tends nowadays to refer to:
    Straight tube front end.
    Wide rear end.
    Nosebleed stance (for better weight transfer for traction).
    If seen on the road looks like it's straight off an old drag strip.

    Pro street
    A street driven, drag racing inspired look.
    Tubbed rear end, 16"+ wide rear tyres tucked under unaltered bodywork.
    Skinny front wheels.
    Tend to have high horsepower engines poking through the bonnet.
    Often 'Blown' or on Nitrous or both.
    Decent paint jobs.
    A later cousin to the Gasser.

    Street Machine
    (A`70s term) think `Two Lane Blacktop`- black `Graffitti` `55 Chevy.
    A very close cousin to the Pro Street style, but not so extremely `drag styled`.
    Generaly using slightly narrower rear tyres and generaly based around `50s cars such as tri Chevy`s or Mk1 Zephyr/Zodiacs.
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