The National Street Rod Association and its vehicle criteria

The NSRA is the UK's premier Hot Rod Association for pre 1972 Rods, Customs and Street Machines.

Formed in 1972 by members of the N.D.R.C. Roadster register and the B.D.R.& H.R.A., the NSRA has over the years become THE club of choice for UK enthusiasts who are into Rodding (or modifying) pre '72 vehicles.

It is important for the NSRA to ensure that the Club and the Forum reflects the core interests of the Association. The vehicle criteria, for Club and Forum, can be stated briefly as pre 1972 hot rods, street rods & customs.

This includes:

Hot Rods, including Street Rods, Resto Rods, and Rat Rods.
Street machines.
Pro Street cars and Gassers.
Kustoms, Sleds and Lowriders.
Customised trucks.
..with a pre-1972 body style
And of course, Tot Rods for the junior Rodder.

Excluded vehicles are:

1972 and later vehicles.
Front wheel drive cars.
Rear engined cars.
Motor Cycles, Trikes and Quad Bikes.
Dayvan style commercial vehicles
Military and 4x4s.
Stock or unmodified cars, unless as part of the "Rodding History" forum, or in the context of a new build Rodding project.

There are many other forums where the above types of vehicle can be discussed. But to keep this Forum firmly focussed on what the NSRA is all about, the NSRA Committee will ask the Moderators to remove any of the above excluded vehicles.

As rodding is all about innovation and bending the rules, there will always be exceptions to any set of guidelines. Where a car is seen to be 'in the spirit of rodding', the Moderators will be given some leeway to allow it on the Forum. For example, a VW, built 'in our style', would be acceptable. Any vehicle that does not fit a set category will be forwarded to the committee for confirmation of eligibility; their decision is final.

NSRA Membership is open to anyone whose interests lie within the club criteria. Owning a vehicle that does not fit the criteria is not a problem - but you should not involve the vehicle in forum topics, or expect it to be allowed on any NSRA show field unless special permission is granted by the NSRA Committee. Again, exemptions from this rule may be granted if the Committee feel the vehicle is ... "in the spirit of rodding".

Our type of car and 'The spirit of Rodding'

Our type of car has its roots in a particular American style of modifying and customising. A style that goes back to the original hot rods, built and raced on the street, the drag strip, and the salt flats, since before World War II.

Many of the things that define the look of a hot rod - removal of fenders, taller rubber on the back, roof chops, louvres - are not merely styling exercises; they all stemmed from the original rodders' desire for less weight, lower frontal area, less drag, and better gearing.

Hot rodding has since developed in many different directions, from the simple hot rod of the forties, through the customs and wild show cars of the sixties, to the high-tech street rods, pro-street cars and top fuel dragsters of today.

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