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    Maurice Takoor
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    ...MisteR Tee.

    First got interested in Hot Rodding (as it was then) & Drag Racing in 1960/1 by being lent a copy of Hot Rod Magazine. Joined the BHRA in 1962/3 (can't remember exactly) whilst still at school. Helped to get Santa Pod Raceway ready for its first season & ended up working there for 10 years as part of the BDR & HRA Tech Crew checking all entrants for rules eligibility. Left there in 1978 & the sport & drifted off into home, kids etc. & got back into it in 1988. Found the Mid Surrey Roadsters & joined them, got back into Rodding with a vengence & also got involved with the initial setting up of the NSRA insurance scheme (as at the time I was involved in Classic Car inspections)

    Used to own a Wimble-bodied 60s style Fad T bucket which I drove all over Europe & Scandinavia, whilst administering the NSRA insurance scheme Agreed Value system. Now own an all-steel Ford Model T Doctors Coupe which I will also drive all over Europe & Scandinavia, as well the UK!

    Started a part-time business in 1990 buying & selling used American aftermarket wheels & now deal in wheel nuts & associated accessories.

    When time allows, I also run a chauffeur driven car hire business!!!
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