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    My build

    Hi all,
    My build is a 58 Pop I bought as a started project, It was fully stripped and primered when i got it. I have since built a new chassis and full cage from 80mm x 40 mm box section and 1-5/8th CDS tube which is almost complete now as just some final bits to finish weld.
    The body has had the usual repairs carried out, rear valance, A & B pillar bottoms. I've also fitted an Astra estate roof into the existing hole, modded the rain gutters and completely rebuilt the front bulkhead and radiused the rear arches so I can fit new tubs which i will soon be fabricating.
    The engine is a 354 Hemi and will have forged 10.5 -1 pistons, high lift cam. steel crank,rebuilt heads with a high rise inlet with 2 x 4 barrels (not sure which yet) block huggers, and no doubt plenty of alloy dress up goodies.
    The box will be a TH 400 with a reverse pattern shifter and 2500 stall TC.
    The rear will be a shortened, 5 linked, 9" with 31 spline axles and locker with 3.7 gears and disc brakes.
    The front is shortened leda struts with m16 calipers with RS 2000 vented discs all connected with homemade links and spherical rod ends.
    Steering possibly Fiat 124
    Interior may end up in full ally, not sure yet (may be carbon fibre)
    Wheels are Weld Pro Stars 12 x 15 & 3.5 x 15
    Things have slowed down a little as I'm waiting for a load of parts coming in from the states and it takes an age.
    I haven't posted any pics as it won't let me due to the file size? but the car and it,s progress are on Mark Harley's website (Blackpop racing) in the garage scene. (Thanks Mark)

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    Pics at last

    managed to work out the new camera at last!
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    Marcel, did you or do you still have, the peach mk11 Ute???

    Or is that someone else in Corby???

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    That's Jason Blotts Guy. He has a very nice Mk 2 convertible as well.

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    Yes thats Jason, he lives just around the corner. He has still got both cars. he's doing a few engine mods to the ute and fitting nitros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the maxster View Post
    Yes thats Jason, he lives just around the corner. He has still got both cars. he's doing a few engine mods to the ute and fitting nitros.

    No worries, just wanted some advice on the front brakes on the Ute.....!!!

    Cool pop though....!!!

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    Thanks Dean

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    Just a bit of an update as the chassis is of the jig. It's fully TIG welded with just the front and rear crossmembers to fabricate now. I'm in the process of making a new jig to set up the ride height so I can make up the suspension arms and brackets for the shocks and struts to hang off.
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    Another update on my pop.
    I decided to rebuild the front end / roll cage to get the best angle on the front horns and to give me as much space as possible to get the engine in and out. The new front horns now follow the shape of the body line and get as near to the strut tops as possible to mount them.
    I've moved the engine back 2" and lowered it a further 1/2". I've also moved the A panels out and made up new panels, once I'm happy with everything I'll be making up a new bulkhead panel too. The engine has been stripped down ready for reboring in the near future as have the heads which will need hew seats and guides fitted. The th 350 gearbox and 9" locker should be arriving shortly along with new tyres and a few other bits. I've got the front crossmemeber in place ready to start making up the links.
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    Another update on my pop.
    I've now made up the front control and trailing links using 1" CDS tube with 3/4" Rose joints.
    I had Wayne at odd Rods make up the threaded cups to take some Citreon threaded ball joints which fit the ford taper on the struts. I've located the trailing links to the front arms with clevis joints and again 3/4" rose joints at the chassis end and I've set them up with some anti dive built in to help the handling under braking. Its all tacked into place at the moment until I'm certain all is right before welding up fully. I have a recon Capri rack which is still to be shortened before fitting. The front bars of the roll cage are now removable as the engine is just to wide to get in or out with them in place. To do this I've welded two threaded inserts into each of the front chassis rails which hold the front brackets using M16 bolts and nylocs and there will be two plates bolted together on each bar which will sandwich the bulkhead using M10 bolts and nylocs. The bars will be cross braced so it all comes out in one piece. The strut mounts will be quite heavily braced as they extend out more than usual because of the location of the bars / engine
    While I'm waiting for the 9" rear to arrive I've started to make up the rear tubs and should be rolling them next week if time permits.
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    I've made up the rear tubs now. They just need some slight trimming before fitting but as I've still got work to do on the rear of the chassis and the axle links I'm going to etch prime them and put them aside until needed. I've fitted some bearclaw catches also.They work from the original latch by a small lever so that they can be locked /unlocked from the inside using the original levers. One of the doors did twist slightly hence the cuts and welding to reshape. I'm making up some plates to allow the striker to be adjustable and a bit stronger.
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    I made up a plate to strengthen the door frame and fitted the bearclaw strikers using a 6mm backing plate which has a small amount of adjustment built in to allow the doors to be lined up easier, once in place they can be locked up using the countersunk bolt/nut. With the door in place it all fits nicely but there is a bit of movement in the hinges that will need sorted out. Drivers side tomorrow.
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    That's sad mate but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I'm on my first week back at work since July 10th, my bank as took a real hit, but you have to keep the dream alive. Good choice to get a road worthy rod or custom. Hope your health pics up for you all the best.

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    Sorry to read this, seems a lifetime go you bought my old struts!!

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    Yes Mark, Fegsta, Its not what I want but its the best thing to do. It was great fun putting it all together.

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