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Thread: My build

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    hi marcel sorry to hear about your back hope it gets better soon ,have you thought about running the alternator of the prop if you are that tight in the front

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    Hi Marcel,

    Sorry to hear about your back, hope, as Allan said you make a quick recovery. Great progress you have really moved along since we spoke last, good luck with the alternator resolve,

    Mike C.
    Mikes V8 Pop build


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    Hi Marcel, hope your back does better than mine is. Take care mate.

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    Thanks for the kind words lads, I'm getting some movement back ok the problem is my back is affecting the nerves in my hip area so sometimes I can't sit, stand, walk or do anything. The consultant did say it may go this way for a while before it gets better but its far better now than what it was. On the alternator front I will persevere with trying to mount it at the front more for the ease of it all. Once I work out the mount I think it will be ok. I'm also looking at making up the thermostat and housing using chevy parts as the Hot Heads ones are pretty expensive , although the housing and hoses will have to be made it should be doable

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    Finally, I've managed to mount the alternator. I managed to get what must be one of the smallest nippon alternators out there? Even that only just fits! I made up the brackets out of stainless which has polished up nicely.

    The adjusted is made out of ali hex with 8mm rose joints which was destined to be a track rod on a go kart. It's still very snug in there and i will have to modify the engine mount slightly to get the wiring plug in without snagging.

    I just need to order the belt now, so that's one more job ticked off. I'm just waiting on a block of aluminium turning up then I'll make a start on the thermostat housing.

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    I found out the other day the put out more than the old favourite the lucas 17acr and so small !

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    thats come out well nice job marcel

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    cheers John, Allan, I'm really pleased with it as it was becoming a bit of a pain but I got there in the end. I think the alternator is actually from a Kubota digger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the maxster View Post
    I think the alternator is actually from a Kubota digger?
    There fitted to loads of small motored vehicles, we had 2 in stock when I was looking for one google nippo denso
    Nice brackets !

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    Got one of those on my pop too Marcel, 60a output.

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    Look like a good result on the Alternator there Marcel, Keep it coming mate.

    Cheers. Tim W.
    They say "life's a Crap Shoot" - Sure would be nice to have some Shoot for a change !!

    My Pop My Intro

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    thanks for the comments lads, its good to be doing something again. I've started on the thermostat housing now so hopefully that will be as successful.

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    Finally got the thermostat finished!
    I got a 2.75" X 2.75" x 4" bar on Flea bay, A very nice local machine shop milled out the hole for the thermostat to sit in. I then lined up one off the head water outlets and drilled the 19mm hole for the water passage and drilled the mounting holes

    The side inlet is for the water passage from the other head this has been tapped for 3/4 bsp. the thermostat sits in like this

    The cover / outlet is from a chevy as is the thermostat. the hose fitting is 12an, which will mate to the other head via a length of stainless braided hose and alloy hose fittings when they arrive.

    Mounted to the engine

    All polished up and fitted. Just need to sort out a mounting plate for the other cyclinder head when the other fittings arrive.
    Cheers Marcel
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    Very nice work Marcel..

    I have used the same alternator & a similar bracket on my SBC & found that the Lower/bottom cap head can foul the belt.
    Keep up the good work chap.

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    Thanks for the comment and tip Dean, I'll check it out when I sort out a belt

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    I like the housing, well thought out, nice

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    Very nice Marcel, top job. Keep it coming mate

    Cheers. Tim W.
    They say "life's a Crap Shoot" - Sure would be nice to have some Shoot for a change !!

    My Pop My Intro

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    Thanks John, Tim. Its getting there albeit slowly!

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    Hi all, I can't believe its been so long since my last post but here's a bit of an update.
    The thermostat has now been connected to the other cylinder head with some alloy fittings and hose which I will replace with stainless braided when funds allow.


    I've always loved the look of the ali bomber seats, That and the restricted space for a more modern seat inside the Pop prompted me to have a go at making them.
    I started off with a wooden buck for the base and a cardboard template for the back.

    I cut out the base and back, formed the base over the buck and rolled the back to fit. As I can't Ali weld I decided to rivet the two together with solid copper rivets

    I will get the two stitch welded in the future just to ensure the strength. I couldn't do a full wire in rolled edge but I have managed a sort of semi rolled edge which seems to have stiffened it up ok. I made up a swager for the seat belt slots and the trim on the leading edge of the base.

    I have started to polish it but I'm struggling to get rid of some of the scratches left when I rolled the back. I need to sort out the mount now but as yet I'm not sure what way to do them. I will be upholstering the base and the center part of the back once I have decided on an interior colour.

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    that looks nice well done mate will look good when covered

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