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Thread: Volvo 240 rear axle

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    Volvo 240 rear axle

    For sale a volvo 240 rear axle in good working condition with all connecting rods and brackets plus disc brakes and hand brake.i was using the car before i broke it so i know it is a good one looking for offers around £150.00 pounds.hope to hear from you soon mark.

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    hi. what is the width and ratio?? thanks steve

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    volvo axle

    hi , the axle ratio is 3.7 and i will measure the axle tomorrow hub to hub and reply back to you around the same time as tonight. speak soon mark. JUST MEASURED THE AXLE IT IS 54.5 INCHES FROM HUB TO HUB WITHOUT DISCS FITTED HOPE THIS HELPS.
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    Volvo axle

    Hi i have just measured the axle from hub to hub it is 54.5 inches,hope this helps mark.

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    Hey Mark, are the calipers included ?


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    You have pm

    Cheers Dan

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    Mark can you contact me please. I'll take the lot!

    Cheers Dan

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    Do you still have this ?
    If your auntie's got a willie,it's your uncle !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blobby View Post
    Do you still have this ?

    the ad is 9 yrs old, I wouldn't think he still has it.

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    Shoulda gone to spec savers John

    Try this guy John.
    Colin at CP Motors.(Volvo specialist)
    Pooley Lane.
    nr Tamworth.
    B78 1JA
    01827 894983.
    he drag races a Volvo too.

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    Aren't all the dead Volvos at the place on the A1 just north of Biggleswade - shoot, I just let those that don't travel N'ward in on the Volvo stash!

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    If your auntie's got a willie,it's your uncle !!

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