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Thread: Binfield calling......

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    Talking Binfield calling......

    Are you recieving, over.......hello?.....hang on....just let me move the aerial, ......there, that's much better.

    Firstly, no I'm not a Lord, and I'm not purple either, but I was bestowed the title from an ex-pat American when he returned to the USA. He lived locally for a while and was nicknamed Lord Binfield by his friends back home when they found out he would be living in an English village, naturally assuming a man of his great standing would automatically be given a Lordship. So that my friends is the real story behind the silly name I use but which takes far too long to type when logging in.

    What? Oh rodding..., yes well, always liked cars as a kid but was always particularly in awe of
    '50's Americana in my Observers Book of Automobiles books that looked amazing, but never saw in real life. Then toys, Hot Wheels, Revell kits etc, all of which further fuelled my curiosity about US car culture. I bought my first Hot Rod Mag in 1970 and promptly cut it up and stuck it on the classroom wall for a school project. (Many years later I have now replaced that issue) Fast forward to 1974 and co-incidentaly bought my first copy of Street Rodder the same week as American Graffiti was released, my first Custom Car mag followed within days, although I was still at school, so owning a car had to wait a few more years.

    That first car was a Viva HA which promptly got 'wombled' out inside, Hey, the girls liked it! It didn't cut much ice at the local custom club though, (Maidenhead Rod and Custom Club) whose members were less than welcoming to a teenager who'd just passed his test. However, I was invited to go the following week to a local v*n club meeting, the infamous Thames Valley Vans (NSVA Approved). I then proceeded to 'lose' several years in a drunken haze while hanging around with them, probably while you lot were home building Pops and the like......

    A custom Minivan, a VW Type 2 custom van and a rather straight '68 Chevy Step side filled the transportation requirements through these years. Eventually though, owning the ex-Real Steel '55 F100 Panel truck got me back on the rodding path again, I completely re-did the whole truck in the early Eighties and had a lot of fun with it. I then enjoyed a brief summer with a bought '29 Model A roadster, unfortunately sold at the end of the summer because of impending marriage and house.

    13 years later and freshly divorced, I soon returned to rodding with the purchase of a '27 T sedan that recieved many updates and was utterly reliable until being sold in '06.

    Now own a steel '34 5-window Coupe that I found and imported from the US, it gets driven a lot.

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    The above is all fabricated lies fueled by cocaine and brandy.
    Keith is actually a drug baron, lives in Vegas and occasionally comes to Britain to check on his estate and staff.

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    Russ your good boy LOL
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