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Thread: Oil breather tank

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    Oil breather tank

    Evening and a Happy New Year to you all.

    First techie question in a while so hopefully I will get a swift reply!

    Went to install the new PCV on the Pumpkin today and ran into a problem straight away.

    The 1" spacer I purchased to put under the carb brings the air filter very, very, very close to the bonnet. In fact so close that it actually touches.


    Therefore I want to use a oil breather tank and mount it on the firewall to collect the oil rather than the nice rocker covers.

    Question is though how?

    Is it simply a matter of finding a suitable tank and a pipe from the breather cap on the rocker cover?

    Do I have to have a breather on the top of the tank?

    Is it sufficient to have just one breather on the engine with this set up?

    Is there another way I can run a PCV?

    And talking of suitable tanks any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    Paul, firstly what about a dropped base air cleaner?

    Secondly I just have an over flow catch can with a -8 AN T fitting screwed into the side. This fitted to both valve covers. A small valve empties any oil caught in there. This is more of a breather system than a PCV (positive crankcase ventillation) system as there is no vacumn to help equalise the pressure in the sump.

    It can be seen here with a K&N filter on top mounted to the rad.
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    make sure the tank is properly vented, you'll blow out seals if you get positive crankcase pressure. The K&N breather filters look nice but put an oily film over everything in time. I'd run an evac down to the collector personally but I don't know how MOT friendly this is.

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    Paul what carb are you running as it should have a port to connect to already.
    All a breather tank will do is just catch fumes emitted from the engine, A PCV system is so much better.
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