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Thread: HOT ROD HISTORY From newspapers of the time

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    1951 - and the first mentions of the term 'drag strip'.

    Spurred on by an article in the new Hot Rod magazine, Florida youngsters form a club in an attempt to get their own 'strip'.

    St. Petersburg Times - Aug 10, 1951

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    Why do people just naturally hate hot rodders?
    Is the hot rod enthusiast a menace?

    Another story of Milwaukee rodders trying to gain acceptance, and looking for a safe place to race.

    Hip-high Speedster

    Milwaukee Sentinel - Nov 11, 1951

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    Another new club formed and aiming to run ‘drag heats’

    Hot Rodders Form Outfit.
    Eugene Register-Guard - Aug 7, 1951
    .. the group will also "research and study into the performance, theory and art of the speed and the characteristics" of the auto known generally as "the hot rod"

    > Story
    TIME Monday, Oct. 29, 1951
    West Coast hot-rod fiends have been making pedestrians leap like kangeroos ever since some nameless hot-rodder rigged a sparkplug in his exhaust pipe and made a profound discovery—that waste gases, thus ignited, produce a spectacular "hoosh" of flame.

    Last week the Portland, Ore. city council was taking steps to make hot-rod flame-throwing illegal. But the fad was moving faster than the law-makers ; Longview, Wash, reported with nervous pride that a local rodder was regularly getting a six-foot "hoosh."

    >TIME Story

    A bit harsh? - a 16 year old rodder is ordered to dismantle his engine; gets 180 days curfew, his licence suspended, and must write out a page from the bible daily ..

    Defiant Kid hot-rodder Gets The book-bible, Too
    St. Petersburg Times - Aug 15, 1951
    Judge Gardiner, in his first ruling since he took the bench, ordered a 16 year old-boy to dismantle the engine of hot rod car and not put It back- ...

    > Full Story
    Officials Finally Find Law For hot-rod Flame Throwers

    Statute Mentioning Burning Substance To Be Invoked Against San Jose teen-agers ..
    Toledo Blade - Ohio - Oct 17, 1951

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    IanT (°||°)
    "that Plymouth had a Hemi with a Torqueflite"

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    Shot-rodders and Squirrels
    The Drag-Sters, Toledo’s first Hot-Rod Club
    A group of young hot-rodders out to prove they’re sane and sensible motorists .. and looking for somewhere suitable for a drag strip.

    Youngsters who fix a squirrel tail and mud flaps to the family car, or just drive recklessly, are known as 'shot-rodders' or 'squirrels' ...

    >Full Story

    Local Hot-rod Clubs Enter 93-mile Run.
    Eugene Register-Guard - Mar 1, 1952
    Nine hot— rod clubs have entered some 50 automobile in a 93-mile run out of Portland Sunday.

    A hop-up in the classifieds

    Eugene Register-Guard (Oregon) Sep 2, 1952

    18 Seized in Raid on Road 'Drag Race'

    Los Angeles Times, Calif. Date: Sep 11, 1952 Start
    A total of 18 roadster "drag race" fans were taken into custody by three combined law enforcement agencies in the Lennox area early yesterday after officers broke up a highway racing meet. $$

    Hot rod driver arrested, ending cops’ frustration


    Another group formed to stage drag racing
    St. Petersburg Times - Google News Archive - May 11, 1952

    >Full Story


    Chicago Daily Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
    Supervised drag racing--the art of learning how fast your car will go without breaking your neck--has come to the Chicago area. $$

    Ak Miller makes the news
    Sports In Brief
    Spokane Daily Chronicle - Aug 27, 1952
    ..broke two world's speed records for modified roadsters ...


    Bob Peterson and Tom Medley get into Music
    Nobody knows how many hot-rod racing fans there are in the U.S., but Robert ("Pete") Petersen of Los Angeles knows their lingo. At 25, he has already made a small fortune publishing Hot Rod and other "hogbear" (real thing) magazines for them (TIME, Feb. 19, 1951).
    Early last fall Publisher Petersen and his top staff cartoonist, Tom Medley, 31, got an idea: since rodders seem to like their music as hot as their hopped-up engines, why not give them some with real "lowdown, George-gone-all-the-way" hot-rod lyrics?
    >TIME Story
    IanT (°||°)
    "that Plymouth had a Hemi with a Torqueflite"

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