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    Yo! From v8pop

    I’m Tim - just North of Bedford.

    Been into motors and scooters since I was early teens, started going to the Pod in 72 (not on my SX 225) that got me into Rods. First car was a Minor pick-up with wide cross plies and an 8-track.

    First go at building a rod was a 53 Anglia in a borrowed barn, Vitesse suspension, 1600 x flow and 2000E box – Lost the barn and sold the bits. Bought a Humber Septre and put the 8-track in that.

    Came back from Germany in 76 and bought a 48 Devon Van – Got as far as a V4, Viva front and Riley rear. Got married and sold it to Dave Brown.

    Long lay off, took the kids to Billing every now and then. Still buying the occasional mag etc.

    After a mid life crisis or 2 - MR2, 205 GTi etc. Went to Billing and got the bug for the next crisis.

    Bought a stock 55 Pop (same year as me) and got it registered – Gonna finish this bast**d if it kills me.

    Currently fitting a Volvo 240 GLT rear axle on a 4 bar set-up, have got a SDi RV8 waiting in the wings and she will have a dropped tube front.

    That’s me about done. Cheers.
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