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Thread: 32 ford parts

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    32 ford parts

    Firewall ,Few extra holes to fill up,the worst ones can be covered by the included behive filter,small repairs required to feet but nothing much. Firewall/Behive £475.

    English dash board with filled glove boxes £150

    Rear frame horn covers original £225 ,Also New Brookville pair £150

    Good rust free floor pan from an English sedan,could be used in other cars or in a glass car

    Pair of original running boards,few splits at outer edges £70 pr SOLD. Pair of repro running boards
    ,one brace missing £70 pr, also 1 pr new repro rubber running board covers £150. Covers sold

    28-34 front spring 11 leaves,some could be removed, £45

    Rough rear cross member £30 SOLD

    Model B engine damper £25 SOLD

    Closed car mirror mount £12

    Dash pod £60

    pair Rodline GRP rear fenders new + undrilled £100 pr

    Foam seal for pedals/column £5 SOLD

    4 Bronze/Brass early ford style door hinges,not sure of exact application but look useful £45 SOLD

    Pair new steel windscreen pillar inner trims for 3W coupe £30 pr

    Can be collected from cheltenham,delivered to swap meet or smaller items posted at cost,
    Thanks for looking,Chris
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    You have PM .

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    Damn, i can't see the pictures again...Can you email me one of the rear crossmember and the floorpan please Chris.

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    ill take the hinges if you can post

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    pedal seal and engine damper please.
    At Swap ok?
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    You have PM

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    PMs , Pics sent to all, Cheers,Chris

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    Dave, pics emailed with measurements,Chris

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