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Thread: Green Ford pop on EBay

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    Green Ford pop on EBay

    Does anyone know anything about this car IE: who built it ,what chassis is on it etc. Is the Jag rear axle fitted properly? it looks odd to me going by pics I've seen of 70s Pops . Ebay ID no is :: 1704 8128 3755
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    the axle looks as if it's mounted to high in the chassis and this has put the drive shafts at a severe angle ..... didn't know the nsra did rollcages

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    I never realised the NSRA did so much stuff

    Jag rear looks nicely put in
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Lang View Post
    I never realised the NSRA did so much stuff

    Jag rear looks nicely put in
    You noticed the angle on those torque bars awell then Steve,

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    Oh dear, to me nothing on that Pop looks right £6,600 Ouch.

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