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Thread: Early Ford Parts

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    Early Ford Parts

    New vintique 32 ford closed car window winders £12 pr SOLD

    4 new stainless 32-48 hinge pins £8
    New 32 ford v8 h,lamp bar emblem £12 SOLD
    4 new door bump rubbers( larger type various years) £5
    New 28-32 Rumble seat latch striker plate £3
    New stainless 26-32 closed car windshield arm pivot bolt + nut set £3 SOLD
    1 used 32 closed car windshield stay arm £5 + lock wheel £3
    2 new 32 headlamp bar rubber pads £5 SOLD+ 4 used stainless bolts £5 SOLD
    new handbrake ratchet unsure of year (poss model A) £5

    New stainless female dovetails £20 pr SOLD + male £5 pr SOLD

    3 new 31-36 pickup bed hinge brackets £12 SOLD
    original used 32 clutch push rod £5 SOLD
    original 32 closed car mirror mount (bit pitted) £5
    good used pair 32 kingpins for use with hydraulic brakes(top balls removed) £12 pr
    new pair 32 rear spring leaf clamps £10 pr

    Pair stainless 32 radiator support bars + front bonnet hinge bracket £15 (these have a bracket that bolts to the grilleshell when a stock type rad is not used)

    Original 32 Rad cap (bit pitted +scratched) £20 SOLD

    Flathead top hoses/stainless tubes as shown £15 pr SOLD

    28-34 front spring clamp set £20

    new Brookville 32 cowl vent lid £85

    V8 hubcap £10

    stromberg/ford/holley carb scoop £10 SOLD

    6 spline driveshaft coupler £10

    28-34 front brake grease shields £5 pr

    Flathead top hose support straps £5 pr

    new battery cut off switch £10 ,used headlamp switch (1 mount broken) £5

    3 bolt carb block off plate £2

    RH rhd 32-34 spindle ,bit pitted and drag link arm will need heating + realining £25

    32 dash panel with ally cover + 2 non 32 guages £35

    The Hot Rod Story DVD £5

    All can be delivered to Main event,Billing,Beaulieu,Nostalgia nats. Posted at cost or collected from Cheltenham. Cash,Cheque,Paypal.
    Thanks for looking, Chris
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    Hi Chris can I have the headlight bar pads please.
    Can you please PM your address so I can send a cheque.
    Thanks Russ

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    Chris - can I have the original rad cap please Thanks Keith

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    Can I have the hoses, support straps and pickup bed hinges please

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    I'll take the headlight bar bolts £5, collect from you at Billing.

    PM me your mobile so I can give you a call.

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    Who cares If It's glass or steel, It's still a hot rod.

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    Chris, can i have the V8 emblem please.

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    yes please on the hoses

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    ill take the carb scoop, can do paypal

    will need total incl postage

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    Hi Chris,
    I have pm'd you about the 26-32 closed car windshield arm pivot bolt + nut set,
    Cheers Andy
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    Hi Chris,
    I will take the male & female dovetails please.
    PM me how you would like payment.

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    Hi I will have the window winders please, PM me with postage and cheuqe details thanks.

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    PM's sent to all,Cheers,Chris

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