Steve (knowledge) asked about how to paint an engine so i thought i would explain further.

Its up to you how far you go with the smoothing, you can do a little or a lot or none. Even with no smoothing you will still end up with a nicely painted engine.

After completely cleaning the block I start smoothing out the various bits with a 80 grit flap wheel in an angle grinder. A slightly worn one works best as it radius's the corners as you go.

Once the easy bits are done i get into the corners with a variety of different tools including an electric finger sander, angle die grinder fitted with Rolok sanding discs, normal die grinder with various shaped tungsten burrs and a piece of 6mm rod with a thin split in one end which i fit with emery and scotchbrite strips, this is also used in the die grinder.

Electric finger sander

Air die grinder

Tungsten burr

Air angle grinder with Rolok disc

Rolok disc

6mm split rod

I also use an assortment of flap wheels & polishing bobs

Next mask up your block completely, tape off all the holes and surfaces you don't wanted painted.

For painting small objects & engines i use a mini HVLP 0.8 spraygun, these don't throw the paint on too thickly and give a good gun finish and are available in paint factors & Ebay for £10

A quick word about quality of paint, I like to use Lechlar or Max Meyer paint as its middle of the road costwise and the colour holds up really good, There are more expensive paints such as Glasurit, PPG, Sikkens & Dupont etc which are all good but costly, whatever you decide don't use cheap pant as it will fade and discolour quite quickly.

Once the block is smooth enough its completely cleaned again and washed down with panel wipe and blown dry with the airline.

Next mix up the epoxy primer 2-1 with the hardener and add 10% thinner, apply a light tack coat and after 10 mins add a full coat, wait till flashed off (about 10 mins) and apply a further full coat.

Leave now for 45-60 mins to fully flash, then mix up your top coat colour (usually 2-1 plus 10% thinner but check the tin)

Apply a light tack coat and wait 10 mins, then apply 2 further full coats 10-15 mins apart, clean out your gun and stand back and admire what you have done

Merry xmas