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Thread: was gettin' lonely

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    was gettin' lonely

    on the old forum - thanks Doug.

    My "proper" name is Ian. Started tinkering with scooters in the late 60's - first car was (don't laugh) a Reliant van - matt black bonnet & fat wheels - next up 105E - flared arches -1500GT lump - Mk1 'tina - MK2 'tina - V6 fat wheels etc.

    Thats where the tinkering stopped for a bit - I went into the motor trade & lost the ambition to work on my own car as I always had new cars to drive. Never stopped hankering for the sort of cars I saw at the Pod & other places though.

    Started restoring scooters again in '96 & enjoyed that a lot. In 2005 the dream of owning a rodded Ford Pop started to become a reality & if all goes to plan I hope to be driving it early next year.

    Well it didn't go to plan but hopefully later this year .....

    Now run my own workshop - we are Rod friendly for MOT's
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    You know I remember a reliant van of that description in Tonbridge in the early eighties when I was at the Hugh Christie school.Think it was is primer then?
    Wonder if it was the same one??
    For a 3 wheeler, I thought it was cool in my early teens.Talk was it had an essex in it then??


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