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    I'm in

    My name is pete I do architectural drawings for a living. I'm married to Ange and I have 2 daughters ( 27 and 22 )I’ve been into cars most of my life. Started at 17 with a few mini’s and got a cooper S when I was 20, then got a MM minor and then a jacked up riley 1500 (remember jacked up) I bought my first pop when I was 22 it was standard with a view to rodding it but never got started Moved to horley when I was 24 (1977) to a house that had a garage and bought another pop a year later got it home and it stuck out of the garage so rebuilt the garage and then started on the pop, it never quite finished it and I sold it in 89, I was out of the hobby for a while after that until I bought my 28 ford tudor sedan in early 05 and I’m now collecting bits for it, so as I thought it would take a long time to get the A on the road I bought another pop, again in late 05 that needed a little bit of work to put it back on the road its still off the road.(no surprise there then) As you can see it takes me ages to do anything so I think my forum name should be PARTS COLLECTOR.I hoping the pop will be ready foe wheels day 08 and then I can start on the A. My Daily Driver is a mitsubishi evo which I love and its reliable and its fast.
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    Cool pop mate! Just been nosing at a few pop projects for sale on poppartsplus... very tempting but i fear my lack of skills would mean mine would end up sitting in the garage for the next few years! haha

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