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Up for sale, 1950 Ford Shoebox, chopped, shaved, nosed, decked, lowered, skirted, painted, lakepiped, frenched, welded, leaded, mexicanned, rebraked, upgraded and god nows what. Runs, brakes, handles, drives like a '50's Kustom should.
So if you're looking for a fine ride that sports airride, doorpoppers, PB, PS, cupholders and power-windows, stand naked in front of the mirror with your back turned towards it, bend over and look between your legs, take a long good look, it should be there somewhere ! If bare-bones, home build, honest daily drivin' is your thing, contact -->

Note; If you're looking for a bargain, white beans in red gravy is still 0,65 cents a can and we all love it !

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€22.500, that's only 19.500 GBP at the moment!