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Thread: Cracking welds...............

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    I had this happen to me once. I made some 4 bar brackets and wanted some nice neat looking Tig welding done. I farmed it out to an aircraft welder (with prices to match).
    I got the brackets back and very neat they all looked. On closer inspection there was a very small circular crack right the way around the bracket. I can only guess what happened as i am not a 'trained' welder' but it appeared to me to be heat related. One section of the metal was solid bar and the other was 1/8 sheet sheet. I think the crack happened as both pieces cooled at different rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Lang View Post
    Its only an educated guess Ross but i reckon when you clean it back you will find the crack is in the paint only Not saying its happened here but i have seen paint crack on welded joints where the paint hasn't adhered to the rod used. I hope !!!
    Lets hope so Steve. Maybe a `wipe` over with an old tooth brush across the `cracks`, to get rid of what appears to be grinding dust in the cracks, may (hopefully) reveal a different story ..... fingers crossed Ross...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackpopracing View Post
    I assume it is definitely the weld Ross?

    Without proper inspection, could it be just the paint has shrunk back???
    I agree, the paint needs to be stripped back to check it is the weld.

    Tig welds can crack in the centre of the bead if insuffiicient filler rod is used.
    But these cracks look to be not consistant with the weld bead.

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    Looks like paint shrinkage to me too, or someone running a scribe around it!

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