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Thread: Front end trial fit

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    Front end trial fit

    Put the front end together today to check it all fits and what's needed. Slight clearance problem with the underside of the axle and the passenger side steering arm - easily sorted.

    The spring is behind the axle and I'm using flat top perch bolts. I cut flats on the top so I could get a spanner on them. They are actually cut down perches so they didn't come with the cone shaped washers for the bottom of the wishbones like the Speedway ones. Unfortunately, they don't sell them separately. I could just use the standard repro Ford cone castle nuts from a UK hot rod supplier but I do resent paying £7.20 postage on an item that costs £2.45. I think there's a very similar Fordson item that I can pick up from a local vintage tractor spares supplier.

    I found that the aftermarket kingpin lock bolts don't fit an original axle and had to open up the holes to 9/16".

    Wheel bearings tomorrow.....

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    that's looking good, clever thinking mate.

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    Thanks. Been working on fitting the F100 brakes. Just trying to work out why the drums are dragging. Not sure whether it's the hub on the spindle or the drum dust lip on the backing plate.

    Never simple, is it?

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    Finally got the brake drums and hubs to fit properly by mixing and matching bearings.

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