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    My Intro

    Hi NSRA!

    My name is Simon P and I live in the Nottingham area. I've been into Hot Rodding and Drag Racing for 35+ years. My first car was a stock Mk 1 Escort. My second was a 68 Firebird 400 at the age of 19. As I raced this more and more I realised I had to sell it before I was tempted to strip it down and ruin it's originality. I did so and embarked on my first Hot Rod build. I bought 'LOA 24', a car originally built by Shug Hanchard, but when I got it, it had been calmed down considerably. I took four years to bring it back to life, pro-streeting it with hot 440, Mickey Thompsons, cage, wheelie bars and a black with green flames paint job. It ran a 12.5 quarter before I reluctantly sold it to a friend so I could buy a house. I'm finally getting into my next project which I've had for a few years but not had the money or time to do. A numbers matching, 68 Firebird Convertible.
    Cheers, Simon

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    NSRA Welcome

    Hi there Simon, thanks for the Intro .. welcome to the NSRA Forum

    Please have a quick look at our Forum rules before continuing.

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