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Thread: Please help us if you can ? Luca smile show

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    Please help us if you can ? Luca smile show

    One of our club members son is very very Ill His name is Luca and we are putting on a show to make him smile ..
    luca is 11 years old, he loves Chelsea football club,Fishing,his football club the red sox and American and hot rodded cars and motorbikes. But rat rods are his favorite
    He got diagnosed with a grade 3 (1 to 4..4 being the worst)Brain tumour at the*beginning*of the month. it is unfortunately untreatable as the cancer has been growing undetected for the last two years, and as such caused him to have increasingly bad headaches and to feel very poorly indeed in general. He is to ill to attend school or his beloved football club training sessions and matches.
    At the moment Luca which is receiving intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Addenbrookes *hospital in order to contain the tumour.
    This will take 6 weeks to he will be very poorly while this is happening.
    Virgil and Sonia are currently seeking a second opinion from Great Ormond street hospital...hopefully this may help.?

    The car meet to be held on Sunday the 25th March from noon onwards at the dun cow pub Stevenage old town which is at 32 Letchmore road SG13PR. (01438 313268) is to raise money for a holiday and help support his family to make his time happier while he is fighting this cruel illness.
    *Fiona and Vince Baker are the landlords and are being incredibly supportive of Luca and his Family.
    A raffle is currently going on at the pub and will be drawn on the car meet day.
    There is also a donation box there for anyone to contribute.
    Also any prizes for the raffle will be greatly appreciated and can been handed to Vince or Fiona in the pub.
    As many modified,hot rodded,classic,american cars etc are asked to come and show their vehicle.
    Luca will be given out a 1st 2nd 3rd prize to the owners of his*favourite*vehicles of the day.
    During the Smile Show there will be a large BBQ running where you can pick up a burger or hotdog!! all monies*raised*from this will also be donated to luca and his family.*
    Any cakes, potato salads,coleslaw or anything else you like to donate will also be greatly*appreciated*by Fiona and Vince at the Dun Cow.
    The Comet newspaper have confirmed they will be there.
    Also advertised in the Dun Cow and on my facebook page and a602 web site is a auction I'm running for a piece of original artwork done by myself of your Rod,classic,motorbike,pets or anything else you would like immortalised in an original painting. it will be framed professionally.
    To take part just go on my wall and see whose posted the most recent bid and then post your new bid and keep watching. i will keep all updated on whose in the lead.
    So as many of you please make an effort for this*incredibly*brave and lovely young lad and either donate,bid,buy a raffle ticket, or turn up to Luca's Smile Show and show your pride and joy off and see it in the local paper...or best of all do all of the above and make this a fantastic time for Luca and get something positive out of something so unfair.
    The Smile Show has been agreed will now be a yearly event.

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    sounds like a great idea, hope all goes well

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    So long as its not absolutely chucking it down I will happily support this event

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    Just got back, exelent day weather great plenty of rods and yanks.All for a good cause to, think they raised loads of money for Luca.Well done

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    Yep, great day out i got there just after noon - get in early for a good park up - but i was lucky to be off the road! it was banged out, really good day some lovely machines.

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    I heard over £3000 raised well done

    Great day and great cars, some pics here, (not mine)

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    The A602s raised £1060.82p
    But in total the show raised just under 5k


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