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    T Bucket

    Now sold!!!!
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    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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    Pretty T. wish you would stay in the fold

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    Well,not going to mug this one away,so i may well be keeping it!
    It would be a wrench to sell it,and if i`m being perfectly honest,its only for sale as i want to drive a rod as much as possible,but its always bleeding raining these day!A car with a roof,and more than 2 seats would suit me better.I`m getting older and wiser(not softer!)and would like to get the family more involved.The wife dont like the open air driving experience,plays havoc with her hair(I dont have that problem,but no longer like getting cold and wet!)And as fun as it was,the -4 degree drive to Wheels Day was a bit of a pain!I know the summer is coming,and i`m sure if i sell it it will be a scorcher!
    I do have my 32 3w coupe project simmering away in the background,so that will eventually give me a rod with a roof.And door windows.And a heater.And a stereo.Hmm,cant wait!
    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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    The Speedway Guide repro`s....
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    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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    Right,bit of an update.While scouring the internet during the week i came across something in the US i liked.Upshot is i ended up agreeing to buy it,so a bit of ducking and diving and help from friends i got the money up together and the wheels are now in motion.

    So,i`m no longer looking to do a deal on a rod friendly car.

    But,i would be interested in doing a deal for a cheaper PX.Absolutely anything considered,as i would probably only be looking to sell it on and raise the difference in cash,around £1500,but may go a bit more if it seals a deal.Try me.WHY?Car bike boat etc,but i would really be interested in a decent size older caravan in good nick.Having said that,cash is king,so ready to chat if anyone interested.

    Brief Spec...
    Reg as Jago.Number plate transferable(reg before Q plates in 1981,X reg)Not free road tax,but taxed till end of september,MOT till early next April(2013)
    Box section frame,
    I beam front,
    Sherpa rear,
    Sherpa drums,
    35 Ford wires,caps and ribbed trim rings with 750 and 600 Crossplies
    Under floor servo M/C,
    Split wishbones both ends,
    Transverese springs,
    Lever arm shocks up front,
    Teles in the rear,
    Guide style headlamps,
    Model A rear lamps
    Model A grill,
    Custom made rad,
    Electric fan on temp switch,
    Rebuilt Pinto,ported injection head,285 cam,lightened flywheel,recent clutch,waterpump and service.Has 2x94 carbs on a Tardell Y manifold via custom adaptor to the stock inlet.Runs well,pulls strong,
    Early Sierra 4sp,
    Spun ali fuel tank,
    High level 3rd brake light/fog light combo based on 50`s motorcycle lamp,
    Body GRP,believed to be Pop Browns,matt black cellulose paint
    Sign writing by Beni the Brush,lakes racer style
    Dash has Moon speedo with warning lights for ign,oil and high beam.Column mounted Moon tach and indicator unit with hazards,
    Interior side panels and bench seat in red vinyl tuck and roll,wirh a rubber mat floor covering,
    SS`roll hoop`with seat belts attached,
    Its a get in a go car.Great fun to drive.
    More details,just call with any questions.

    Come and have a drive,guaranteed the car will be as described,no disappointments!

    Mark 07711 774040
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    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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    Good looking "T" a lot of time and effort a good turnkey rod, good luck with the sale

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    My Saturday night bump.
    Still for sale..
    Had a great hour or so today cruising it around in the sun.Could be you.....

    I was planning on going to the reunion tomorrow but work has got in the way so cant make it now.But if you are coming down to the coast and fancy a closer look,give me a ring(07711774040) and i`ll get someone to go open the barn for you.Take it for a ride,you`ll love it!

    EDIT..rather than bump the ad,thought i would add here.
    Done some maths and can go up to £2.5k for an PX.Caravan prefered,but anything considered.I would also consider that unfinished/stalled project in your garage...lets have a deal and you can get out on the road this summer!
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    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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    wake up....checked lottery numbers ........if i'd won the big one i'd still buy this T.......its just so sweet....heres hoping Tuesdays numbers come in

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    Weekly bump.
    It will be going on ebay later on a classified ad to widen the potential audience.

    No matter how hard i try,the wife wont let me keep both cars.I know she`s correct,but a man has got to try,right? on ebay as a classifed ad.Nice new photos,go have a look!
    I`ll try that for a while,if no luck i`ll then put it on as an auction
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    That cars fine lookin`man
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    i can't believe it ain't sold looks great

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    well I want it....I just have £7000 to find first!!LOL

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    You`re not the only either it seems!
    That cars fine lookin`man
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    I was really tempted to sell my A and have this T instead....I do have a real thing about Ts!!

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    I`d offer to swap but i need the space..............
    That cars fine lookin`man
    Its somethin`else!

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