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    Engine Stand

    Iv also got for sale in nearly new condition a red i think its a clarke Engine Stand from im pretty sure machine mart, been a year since i looked at it but picking up from my lockup in hertfordshire this week,

    looking for about 50 pounds obo, let me know if interested,

    also got some small driveway work ramps if anyone needs some, fiver?

    Aluminum Beer Barel/keg would be a great fuel tank looking for around 40 quid make an offer its a nice looking shape one, needs converting to a fuel tank though,

    got a small brake/ clutch pedal setup that is hung under dash style, looking for 15 pounds, can add photos

    got some cast Rover V8 manifolds 2 pairs both slightly different in shape, i know not many people like or use these anymore but might be a quick fix for a rattier car/truck FREE

    got some series 3 Land Rover stuff here too if that floats anyones boat some free some very cheap,

    let me know if interested can add photos


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