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Thread: 37 ford coupe

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    37 ford coupe

    Heres the new and last project 37 coupe.I bought this of a guy in Washington state its already had work done mustang 2 ifs Olds rear with ladder bars chassis is blasted and painted.Body work started and big block bulkhead fitted.In its previous life it was a drag car and so been well cared for and is rust free.So for the plan volcano red metalic paint(the wifes choice)and tan leather inside,I wanted to try something new so going for blown 302 and a dose of air ride for a change.Heres some pics Name:  20160306_200548 (1).jpg
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    Is it on the way yet?

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    Hey Shaun Im afraid its a waiting game so its not budged from the warehouse yet,but on the good news front the truck is out on the road and going through the old shakedown but all looking good.Iv got the skids at windy if your passing,take it easy cheers Fred

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    Name:  20160408_170857.jpg
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Size:  121.3 KBsome pics of the motor

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    That Motor is stunning mate.

    Cheers. Tim W.
    They say "life's a Crap Shoot" - Sure would be nice to have some Shoot for a change !!

    My Pop My Intro

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    looks a powerful lump

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    All looks and noise,a bit like me really lol hahaha

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    Wow love the motor,

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    chassis blasted powder coated and assembly started mustang 2 8ins ford with discs triangulated 4 bar on remote air ride

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    so we got the motor and box in blown 302 with demon carbs and c4 tranny the Olds axle went in favour of rebuilt ford 8ins and triangleated 4 barName:  20161104_164612.jpg
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    ok the main body back on chassis the trunk is paneled the sound mat is fitted to the whole body inside.The brake system is bled and the park brake is coupledName:  20170102_181843.jpg
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    so to back track a bit here are shots of the bodyName:  20160801_163832.jpg
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    Ill keep the progress coming as and when cheers Fred

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    looking very nice fred, are the electric fans just for mock up and it'll get bigger ones on final assembly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mygasser View Post
    looking very nice fred, are the electric fans just for mock up and it'll get bigger ones on final assembly?
    yyes mate they only mock up

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    Looking the nuts m8 well done, looking forward to seeing this in the flesh
    Nice to be Blown

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    Nice coming along their

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    Looking Great Fred...

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    Cheers guys,so I decided to make up my own exhaust system its all stainless and must have saved about £350 plus on sending it to the exhaust shop so Im well pleasedName:  20170112_111608.jpg
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    also made the bases for the bmw 6 series seats, they are full electric and in lovely condition Ill have the rest of trim made to match in my book thats what I call a result.So next thing to do this weekend is to mock the front end for fit.Name:  20170112_174334.jpg
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Size:  83.5 KBoops thats a bit blurry Ill swop it when I take another
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    Coming along nicely

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    so update I got the steering hooked up and working installed the heater,the red colour is the car body colour and mocked up the front end for fit.Everything seems to fit nice,the new grill is on its way should land with me late next month.Here are the picsName:  20170117_170403.jpg
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