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Thread: Whereabouts of my 1st ever hotrod please?

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    Whereabouts of my 1st ever hotrod please?

    I trying to find the first ever car I built when I was 17yrs old. It was a '33 Plymouth coupe, fiberglass body running a 3L Ford V6, BW35 auto-box, and a 3L Capri rear axle, as you can see in the pics it had 10''x15'' and 5 1/2''x 13'' slot mags all round. The one thing noticeable on it, was it had a full dark tinted perspex panel in the roof. I'd love to find my 1st ever hotrod, as my idea is to make it my last build, I've gotta finish what I'm doing now first, but just to get hold of it and restore it back, (with a few improvements obviously), to how it was when I used to cruise about in it back in the day. This car means a hell of alot to me, as it was the one that got me into the hobby, helped me meet alot of great folk, and here I am all these years later wanting it back, that's how much it means to me!
    If anybody knows the whereabouts of it, if you've seen it on your travels somewhere, or any information at all on the car, then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07710-438530, or look in on my FB page, and leave me a message.

    Many Thanks,
    Micky T.

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    Have you seen this car?

    Micky T.

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