Due to my constant ongoing back issues I am regretfully having to lighten my workload. The first victim is my one off Standard 12 RPU.
All stock running gear with one off bodywork. The engine has had a rebuild with lots of one off parts; Newman cam, twin SU manifold, stainless 4-2-1 exhaust, electronic ignition, modern oil filter conversion and a ported block.
New Excelsior crossplies with only a couple of hundred miles on them.
There is some work to do, mostly simple brackets etc but bending over for any length of time working on a car leaves me in pain for days. The one thing that requires investigation is low compression on number 4 cylinder (75-130-130-130 when checked). The SU's need setting up as they are rich at the moment.
The body was constructed using very simple techniques and is not for anyone expecting a metal working masterclass. It's crude!
It is correctly registered as a body change and the V5 states "made from parts some of which may not be new".
Build thread and photos are here http://www.nsra.org.uk/newforum/show...-My-comedy-RPU

£5250. 07917 535424 or pm me on here.