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Thread: *** Krispy Kreme June 2017!***

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    *** Krispy Kreme June 2017!***

    Well of course it's the middle of June, which of course means top quality events all over the world...

    ....but can they almost guarantee the sunshine and doughnuts??

    Of course not, 10am, next Sunday, June 18th, at Krispy Kreme, Shannon Corner, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4NA for hot rods, coffee and doughnuts!

    Arrive early!
    Leave sensibly!

    ....and please don't park in the bus stop....after all, those BMW X5s with the lights and stripes have to park somewhere as well....
    ...are we out tonight?

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    So, yes it's a weekend of major events, and we'd all really rather be in Pomona, but sometimes a strange thing happens when there are lots of other shows happening.....the sun shines, the car park's full and a whole bunch of cars you've never seen before show up!

    Will that happen this Sunday? Come and have a doughnut and find out....
    ...are we out tonight?

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    great meet today some new cars to, would post pics but your have to just pop along.

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