A thrilling conclusion to Round 2 of the Gasser Circus Showdown was delivered late into Sunday afternoon, when the Brian and John, (the Gibson brothers) brought their cars to the line at the Nostalgia Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.
They had occupied other sides of the ladder, and had secured the family final, with John and his 55 Chevy ‘Crowd Pleaser’ taking the semi-final win over Sean Milsom and his 9 second Morris Van ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’. Sean lighting the red bulb having made it to the semi without the normal aid of his Trans brake. Brian in his ‘Identity Crisis’ Dodge taking his win in the semi-final by the narrowest of margins with an 0.126 win over Number 1 Qualifier, me, Nervous Nick and my Austin Devon ‘Nogbad The Bad’.
The final looked set to be just as close, and this was even more assured when the brothers decided to place identical 11.19 dial ins on their back windows.
Both went into their burnouts with Brian staying in his a little bit longer ensuring that he not only got his tyres nice and sticky, but also that he created a shroud of tyre smoke that encircled his car as it edged into Pre stage. The brothers left together both leaving behind green lights, with the wheels on Johns 55 scrabbling in the air as he shifted into second. The brothers stayed side by side all the way down the quarter mile, with everyone in the stands like the siblings focused on the finish line. As they crossed it the win light glowed bright in the Brian’s lane, and the boards showed that John had broken out with an 11.14. The final was a fitting way to conclude what had been a brilliant weekend.

Huge thank you to our sponsors the National Street Rod Association, Speedking and the guys and girls at Shakey who made the weekend possible and kept all the racers safe.

Roll on Round 3 at Dragstalgia, when the Gasser Circus take on Gassers from Sweden.