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Thread: Latest DfT Consultation

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    Latest DfT Consultation

    As you may be aware there has been another consultation paper released in the last few days. Link here :-

    The NSRA Review Group are currently working on a response which we will need everybody to respond with (or as a basis) to both the consultation and to their MP's etc. This document is extremely worrying if you read sections 4.10 - 4.13 regarding IVA. Even if you're not considering IVA right now you may do in the future, we NEED to fight this!!!! The FBHVC and I have been in constant contact since Monday and they are very concerned and are putting a response together as well.

    I have had this thread locked as we really don't have the time for bun fights on it. The consultation closes on March the 2nd!!!

    I will add the information I mentioned above by the end of the weekend at the very latest PLEASE read it and use it!!!!!

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    More additional information can be found on our legislative section with regards to the on going actions.
    You will not be able to add to the information or discuss it there

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