As you are aware there are new regulations coming into place with regard to data protection.
From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations come into force, replacing the 1998Data Protection Act. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data iscollected and processed.

The National Street Rod Association takes the security of all personal data seriously and we are inthe process of writing GDRP Policy which will inform Members how their personal data is usedand stored.

Your data is kept securely and is only shared with third parties which have direct link with yourMembership. Newnorth Print Limited, who print and distribute the Street Gasser, ClassiclineInsurance who administer the NSRA Insurance Scheme and our Web Master who controls theMembership sections of the NSRA Website and Forum. The other individuals who have access toyour information is the NSRA Committee. Full details will be incorporated in the NSRA GDPRPolicy.

Members joining after 25th May will be asked to ‘opt in’ to being contacted by the NSRA and toreceive communications from the NSRA. e.g. The Street Gasser. There is some argument that bybeing a Member you have already ‘opted in’, but others argue this a ‘soft opt in'. The NSRA,therefore, feels we should give all current Members all the options.

The next Street Gasser will include more information.

You can opt in on-line at

Please do not ignore this as unlike the consent type emails that you can chose to accept or ignorethem, unfortunately, your club MUST get a response from you or you may risk losing the servicesyou have paid us to deliver which includes continuing to deliver your magazine and other greatservices.

May 2018