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Thread: 68 valiant signet 2 door

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    when we were looking for bits for ashley's car i found the 6" green led strips i bought years ago. i'll use 2 of these looped in the rear lights and wired to the indicator wiring. so they don't work as brake lights too i'll cut the wire at the brake light switch and run a single new wire to the brake light bulbs in the rear lights. so the brake lights will be red and the indicators will/should be orange (green light shows as orange through a red lens), if it goes to plan. plus once done this will simplify wiring a towbar as all the required wiring will be at the back of the car.

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    my new black and white number plates arrived from states plates but...... i really like the ones i made for it so may just shelve the new ones for now. at least i won't need to buy one if i fit a towbar to the car and want to drag a trailer/caravan about.
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    i've ordered some blankets to make seat covers for the stock seats for now. i've got to 'make' the scorpio front seats tip forward and latch back as they are from a 4 door so in the meantime i want to improve the comfort if i want any chance of getting dawn out in the car with me. as i want to make it a semi daily driver i must have her 'on board' as it were. the ones i've got coming are i think keeping in period with the look of the material and will be sewn up into 'proper' slip on covers. here's what i've bought and no i'm not using the tassles (although hanging from the sunvisors?.........)

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    i got round to altering the rear light wiring yesterday. i went with orange bulbs in the reverse bulb holder. the wiring's easy enough, cut the brake/indicator wire from each bulb holder and connect to the reverse light bulb holder. then run a wire from the brake light switch 'out' connector to both brake light bulb holders. with the afore mentioned orange bulbs fitted it now has orange indicators and red stop/tail lights.
    last night i went to invicta roadsters cruise night at ashford, the furthest ive been in the valiant. it ran fine even though it was very hot (the weather not the car). i need to adjust both headlights up a lot,i can just see the beam in the road over the edge of the bonnet. that and i really must get under there and adjust the tracking as it's a bit twitchy.
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    forgot to say i also noticed a little clonk over bumps on the o/s/f last night so i jacked it up and checked all the front ball joints. there's a small amount of play in 3 of them (having said that i've not greased the front yet) but as i'm going to fit a big block i've just ordered all 4 joints so it's right.

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    2 deliveries today, blankets for the seats and the upper ball joints. the lowers are coming from summit so hopefully will be with me by the weekend.

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    Mind me asking the cost of the upper ball joints?

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    £42.38 + £8.00 postage for the pair. Not handed so can't mix them up. They came from the US automotive ebay shop page as I was looking on Sunday night so couldn't phone them. Very fast delivery too, they arrived yesterday (tuesday).

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    Awesome, thank you. Look forward to the progress updates

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    update... summit emailed stating they don't have the lower joints and won't get them 'til at least the 22nd. so i had a look on ebay and got one side here in the uk and the other from the states. what a palaver.

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    today i fitted 3 of the new balljoints. both o/s and the upper n/s. i'm still waiting for the n/s lower which on these 'a' bodies is the steering arm also. everything came apart nice and easy so a pretty straightforward job.

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    When is the V8 going in?
    I may live in East London, I may have a number plate that reads "Chopt",
    but I do NOT use 6" wheel spacers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taxirod View Post
    When is the V8 going in?
    hi ian,
    after the supernats i'm pulling the slant six and box. they're sold. then i've got until next year to get the 383 in.

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