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Thread: ford zephyr mk3 418 XKN

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    ford zephyr mk3 418 XKN

    as above does anyone know the whereabouts of my old zephyr mk3? it was red with a 302/C4 and the reg' number is/was 418 XKN. i built it as a hi rider and then lowered and minitubbed it for a mateif it's about i'd like it back for a future project with my grandson who at age 10 has decided he likes old cars and drag racing

    so.... 418 XKN
    ford zephyr mk3
    cheers, neil.
    07718 339011 (if it's off at work text and i'll get back to you).

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    well its about see your other thread you have put up off road since 91 but its on the data base at dvla....happy hunting..

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    yep, done all the dvla checks already mate. i'm hoping someone knows where it is.

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