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    temp switch and relay

    Now Sorted ..

    Does anyone have a lead to a supplier in the UK of a temp switch and relay kit for an electric fan set up.. 185 to 200 degrees..

    fed up seeing stuff being sold as if its in the UK when its actually in china ..

    alternatively a make and part number for a suitable sender and switch relay so I can make up my own, been searching for ages and wasting time..loosing the will to live..
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    we do these at work. i've used them myself several times so know they work too.

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    173080299599 eBay.

    Then a relay & a switch.. little bit of wiring to do & use earths for relay trigger...

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    fan temp switch from speedway, part no. 91064026-185

    use a 40 amp relay, just go to motor factor and get one or buy one from ebay and wire it up.

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    cheers for leads.. unfortunately the inline hose set up is not what im looking for .. looking for a basic temp sender 3/8 npt suitable for fitting in the top boss of a flathead head ,, a 30 amp 4 prong on off relay and the rest I can make up.. having a job finding a suitable sender and a relay thats not in ****ing china ...

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    thats the beast ... ( above )

    need to have it here or be able to get one this week .. all these wee bits are a pain in the ass to find these days ..
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    temp switch and relay

    Burton Power have a range of senders with varying threads, and as there Ford orientated may just be able to help, give them a call .
    0208 518 9136

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    we also do this one with an m22 thread but you'd need to solder a boss into the radiator.

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    been looking and found this website probably as good as it gets couple of possibles here ..

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    Why not just have the fan on constantly?'s a fathead so it's gonna overheat anyway!. ;-))

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    142802840253 eBay.

    Send them a message & ask about availability & how soon they can get it to you...
    Ps. Buy a

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross@rmrrestorations View Post
    Why not just have the fan on constantly?'s a fathead so it's gonna overheat anyway!. ;-))
    ohh ye of little faith lol...

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    Ian,put it on a manual switch until you recieve the one for the head, at least you can drive it in the meantime.

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    I wondnt worry to much about the fan, it needs to run long enough to reach a temp where it’ll be required ������
    we are up here an we have all the fun drivin doon there

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    i'd agree a 30a relay should be fitted now even if you use a manual switch to turn it on and off. then when the correct temp switch is fitted you still also have a manual override for emergencies.

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    Might be suitable stuff here.

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