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Thread: ford 9" axle centre nuts and t bolts

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    ford 9" axle centre nuts and t bolts

    as above,

    got a for 9" axle im about to have fitted up, im missing the 10 nuts and washers that hold the diff in, and also one "t bolt" and nut that holds the backing plates on.

    can anybody help or put me in the direction of somebody who can?



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    Geoff Hauser will have them 01933682500

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    hello fyi
    there are two sizes of t-bolts for the backing plates
    they correspond I think to big and small bearing
    I think 3/8 and 1/2''

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    I've successfully used socket caps on the backing plates on an 8" axle. 3/8" I think, but I guess 10mm could work easily enough.

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