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Thread: prop shaft

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    prop shaft

    I'm looking for a prop shaft or prop shaft ends. needs to be a 1330 UJ on one and end a 1350UJ on the other end.

    1330 UJ I 3 5/8 across and the caps are 1 1/16

    1350 UJ I 3.622" across and the caps are 1 3/16


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    Mark, I've quite recently had amazing service with reasonable pricing from North West propshafts in Chorley, Lancs. They're massively experienced in oddball stuff too and great to deal with. Properly balanced, unlike most.

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    OK thanks Chris, will keep them in mind. I don't think I'm going to need it for a bit but just trying to be organised.

    Your emotions will always interfere with your sense of truth

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    Propshaft services in Bonnybridge, no problem making what ever you want and very reasonable on price, I’ve had a few made for myself and others up here.
    we are up here an we have all the fun drivin doon there

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