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Thread: 32 B Sedan queeries

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    Driver's door capping completed in American Oak complete with door pull fitted into the top. Further upholstery work to
    finish will be done when it comes back from paint. Now on the passenger door which is twisted and will need the reinforcing
    cut to re-align it then re-glassing before further work to finish it.
    Name:  Drivers door capping3 - Copy.JPG
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    Iv'e now done several runs of around 5 miles or so and been eliminating the
    knocks and bangs of which there were many! Found other issues too like the
    steering wheel not fitted properly with cross threaded screws and a front brake
    pipe that was not tightened fully where it joins the flexy one to the caliper. There
    was no battery clamp and was just dropped into it's box which would have been
    a MOT fail. It now runs OK but I don't want to risk the journey to Oakham without
    more use to prove it's a reliable car.
    If any previous owner is going to Oakham, I would like to meet them although I'll
    only be there on the Sunday. I should be wearing a Welland Valley Tee shirt which
    should identify me from all the other members.Name:  P5130067 - Copy.JPG
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    It's looking great

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    The sedan looks good Bill, keep taking it out and extend the journey length each time to gain confidence in it, then just drive it an enjoy!...
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    As above . I drive to a friend splace that's about 5 miles away as my first outing...and back. That means it'll do 10 miles . Next I'll aim for a mate 10 miles away ...and back that means it'll do 20 if I get back OK. Within a week you'll trust it for at least 100
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    That’s looking really good!! As said small journeys and then enjoy!

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    Just go for it! If it’s going to break after 1000 miles it will break after 1000 miles. First journey or tenth, you’ll fix it! I’ve built a few for deadlines with the first journey was 10 miles, next was over 1000 in four days, a couple of niggles. It got home and fixed it. Just my view on it, don’t worry about it just enjoy it. If it breaks it breaks. The important thing is to enjoy it.

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    Thanks for the replies guys but although I was a mechanic for many years on
    building company machinery and their vans and trucks etc., I am a bit of a
    perfectionist which can be a hindrance as well as a blessing and so I have to
    be sure in my own mind that it will not breakdown anywhere! Due to the state
    of the car when I bought it, I haven't finished scrutinising all the other bits yet.
    The windows have leaked at sometime in the past and I don't want the new
    upholstery ruined by being too impatient!! What happened to that long hot
    spell we were supposed to be having through June to August? Looking at the
    Met Office site, it looks to be a reasonable day for both Saturday and Sunday.
    Looking forward to it!!

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    Took the 'B' out to it's first car meet at Lenwade (Bears Grill) and she performed well. The front suspension is
    still a little too stiff for my liking so will get to be looked at soon. I was pleased with her but it did show up also
    that the fuel gauge needs to be adjusted as the needle went off the scale when I filled her up. It is apparently
    adjustable but needs the tank empty so may be awhile!! Well blow me down I thought...
    Does anyone live in the Norfolk area who could point me to someone who could fit a vinyl roof? I mean the stuck
    down type. Thank.
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    Thing to remember is that on a B ( or most rods) the engine is behind the axle and not directly over it like it is on a Cortina so springs rates need to be calculated to get correct ride height and comfort level . That's why most run cut down springs as that weakens the spring via suspension ratio rate though most don't know that's what happens , it just happens to be a more comfortable ride on cut downs.
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    If you cut a coil spring down you increase the spring rate (make it stiffer). Think of it unwound like an anti-roll bar/torsion spring……..the shorter it is, the stiffer it is.

    The suspension ratio is the mechanical leverage the suspension mechanism applies to the spring. The spring rate has no effect on the suspension ratio.

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    I need to stop talking ******ks
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    It is now fitted with RJ Coilovers and 450lb springs. It will be a simple change and maybe only need to come down
    to 400's or 375's to get the ride I need.
    Just to add to the above...the more coils over a given length then the softer the spring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloBill View Post
    Just to add to the above...the more coils over a given length then the softer the spring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapri View Post
    I need to stop talking ******ks
    We all talk ******ks from time to time, including the song goes, 'We're only human'.

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    Update again. I bought and fitted a pair of 400lb springs and they work a treat. Well worth the time and expense.
    I went to Old Warden at the weekend and spotted a couple of '32s with a different sill arrangement to mine. I would
    like to do mine the same so can anyone enlighten me as to where to buy them please if available? Iv'e include photo's
    of mine and one that I spotted. Also where can I get those step plates from too? Thanks.
    Name:  B 5 - Copy.jpg
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    blue one looks like a 30-31 model a, you can get the step plates here ,,,,,,,,,,,,probably get a cheaper set second hand though

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    scottie is right, the blue one is a 30-31 model A, or at least a glass version of one, which means the side aprons/running boards wont fit your car, although they look similar they are very different and parts aren't interchangeable.

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    Thanks for the Info guys. I quite expected the price of those step plates but a pair of s/h ones would do if I can find any!
    As for the side skirts, I did see a couple of B's that were done in a similar fashion. Hence the question! I do like the way
    that it tidies up that running board area. I may have to get some made. I'm not that far off from getting it all sorted after
    which it's strip down time for the paint etc. in the autumn.

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    IMHO, what you want to do is taking away the look of a model B, & trying to make it a Model A clone.

    Who cares If It's glass or steel, It's still a hot rod.

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