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    You may be looking for quite some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happydaze View Post
    You may be looking for quite some time.

    . Why’s that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tattoo65 View Post
    . Why’s that ?
    No such thing as a 1932 Model A
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    1932 model b maybe? Or 28/29 or 30/31 are model a.

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    the model a was sold up to at least april 1932 because supposedly the model b and model 18 where not released till april 1932 this is being picky so some one made a mistake

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    Model A on Ebay under american

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    Thank you but I couldn’t find it

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    Thank you for the link, but I’m looking for a coupe. Thanks Andy.

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    Still looking ��

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    As far as I`m aware no one in the UK makes `glass `31 coupe bodies Andy, though I think someone in Norfolk made `28-`29 body`s some years back!. The only `glass `31 bodies I`ve seen have been in the US and US made and I`ve not seen one that`s been imported to the UK either!.
    Unfortunately your search for a `glass `31 here in the UK could be a long unfruitful one.

    Maybe your best bet would be to find someone who has a steel `31 that wouldn't mind you taking a mould off it!...
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    Thank you for the information I have seen model a fibreglass shells for sale before I wanted one what model they were I can’t remember, which is always the way. I really only need the roof and posts as I have a roadster and would like to mould a roof to it. I’m sure I read a post about somebody else doing the same thing. Thanks Andy.

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    Strange Mark, i'll give him a shout

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    I have a jago 32 model B roadster and a couple of years back rodline did me a roof and door tops . I,m not sure if rodline have any moulds for a 31 model A ( i don't think so) . Might be worth a try getting in touch with them .

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    Ok thank you

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    I wasn't aware of a 'glass '30-'31 Roadster body being available? They're that similar to a '32 that I wouldn't have thought people would have bothered, but if it is then maybe a '32 top could be made to fit, a bit like Strange Mark's. If it's actually a '28-'29 then I think Mark Hempson near Wisbech might have moulds for a coupe? He's easy enough to find on Rodsnsods.
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