ÖTot Rods at the Drags, the lowdown.

With the change in venue for both the Nostalgia Nationals and the Hot Rod Drags in 2018 we were keen to retain as many familiar aspects of the events as possible following the move to Santa Pod Raceway. One aspect that caused much head scratching was finding a way to continue to allow the use of Tot Rods on the strip.

Following a comprehensive risk assessment and, mindful of Santa Podís experience of young drivers piloting Junior Dragsters, it will be possible to run Tot Rods at both the NSRA affiliated events, as long as a basic set of build standards and driver details are adhered to.

The preliminary agreement for a common build standard includes:

GX200/220 lawn mower engines only (so no, you canít use that spare Fireblade motor)
Roll cage must cover driverís head
Chassis must surround driverís legs
Roll cage and chassis must be a minimum of 3/4Ē CDS (stronger materials are permitted)
Fuel cell must be fit for purpose with lockable cap
Firewall between driver and engine compulsory
There must be an electrical kill switch both inside and outside the vehicle
Brakes must be kept in good working order
Maximum speed 55mph 11.99sec ET
Drivers age between 8-17 years only
Fire suit (single layer probane/SFI)
Approved helmet/neck brace/arm restraints compulsory
Drivers to have passed through training programme

Most of the requirements are easily achievable, many will already be part of a basic build spec particularly if construction is still ongoing.
Feel free to post any specific questions on the subject and Iíll answer as quickly as I can.

Letís keep the youngsters out there on the track and having fun.