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Thread: Hi guys

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    Wink Hi guys

    hi folks
    just wanted to pop in and say hello and just show you guys what Iím working on at the moment
    so this might be a lot different from what you lot are use to seeing but Iím in the process of rodding my transit van.
    it started life as a bog standard transit cut the floor out and sat it on a space frame with XJS rear axle brakes and drive
    front XJS it has a sprinter 2.9 in at the moment that will be coming out when I find a SBC and box to put in side exit exhaust have already been fitted with 8Ē slots on the fron and 10Ē on the back

    Any ways il keep you guys updated
    again thanks for allowing me in the group

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    Hi Kyle, welcome to NSRA Forum I would have thought you would be more of interest on the NSVA forum

    Don’t forget to check out the
    Forum rules , John

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