Round 2
‘Nogbad The Bad’ had to take on number 1 Qualifier Dale and he told me he was really looking forward to going up against me and his old engine. It was quite inspiring at the end of the fire up road, as I glanced across to see Dale giving me the thumbs up as we prepared to pull round. We were side by side going down the strip, and as Dale pushed on he just headed me at the finish line. I had dialled 11.30 and ran 11.45, and with Dale dialling 11.43 had run 11.42 thereby breaking out and I advanced to the semi-final.

Sean Milsom dialled 10:00 taking on Tony Pearson who dialled 11:50. Sean had to chase Tony down and lit the win bulbs with a 10:11 crossing the line at 123mph. Tony running an 11:54 @ 116mph.
Defending Champion Martyn Hallam and Steve Matthews had a stonking race with the win lights going on in Steve’s lane, as Martyn ran a 10.58 on a 10:60 dial, Steve advancing to the semi-finals. Joining him there would also be Brian Gibson in his ‘Identity Crisis’ Dodge after winning a very close fought battle with ‘High Anxiety’ charging down the strip, this time in the hands of Matthew Barton. This was quite some debut for the new team with Graham and Mathew Barton and Jon Hill delighted with their weekends racing.

I was up against Sean Milsom, and it was a strange feeling as we came to the line, I had dialled in 11:47 and Sean a 10:00. I had not been this close to the final in over 6 years, and just focused on doing everything right. That did not last long as my reaction was not good with a 0.35, so the chase for Sean was on at 6700 revs I was close to shifting to 3rd when the engine nosed over and I lost power. Thinking I had blown something I turned the steering wheel to get off the racing line, when suddenly the power from the engine came back with vengeance. This would usually be a good thing, but I still had my foot still firmly planted to the floor, now I was heading towards the wall, luckily I steered away from it gathered the car up and continued the run to the line. But when I got there the win lights were already on in Sean’s lane.

Steve Matthews and Brian Gibson, both did strong burnouts and brought their respective Gassers to the line. Brian loaded up the revs, and his car sat down at the rear as it prepared for launch, as the footbrake lifted his car launched hard and too early, popping a cherry on the tree and handing entry to the final to Steve. Despite this both Gassers ran hard to the line with Steve stopping them with a 10:93 and Brian an 11:05.

Both Gassers pulled round ready to run, Sean was first into the water and first to light up his slicks. Steve was not far behind and as he rolled out of his burnout Sean was waiting for Steve to come alongside. When the nose of his 57 appeared both cars rolled forward under the guidance of Ian Marshall. Sean went into Pre stage quickly followed by Stage, 3 seconds later Steve joined him. Steve left first as he dialled in 10:84 against Sean’s 10:00. Both Gassers pulling wheelies off the line Steve’s arrow straight whereas Sean’s was a big leap to the right which Sean immediately corrected. The race down the track was awesome and when they broke the beams Sean and team ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ had themselves another Round win. Sean had run a 10:09 with Steve just losing out with a 10:89. A great final and an awesome way to kick off 2019.

The win meant that Sean not only heads the Championship, but he also picked up another superb winner’s trophy created by the multi-talented Neil Melliard. Dale Snoke had also created a wicked trophy to be awarded to the Best Reaction Time, and this along with the NSRA glass trophy went to a reluctant Brian Gibson.

The end of the weekend also brought an end to a great adventure that Steve Dixon had started 5 years ago when he purchased a Gold Falcon and called it ‘High Roller’. Steve had some wonderful times racing the car, made all the more enjoyable by his family joining in with him. Unfortunately, Steve has been suffering health issues in the past 2 years and he reluctantly decided that it was time to sell the car. High Rollers new owner travelled to Santa Pod to collect the Gasser, but not until Dale Snoke had used it as his race car for the weekend. We hope the Falcon will not be a stranger and it returns to where it has had such an impact, racing the dream in the Gasser Circus.