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Thread: ESRA Nats Roadtour Picture Story (FB)

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    ESRA Nats Roadtour Picture Story (FB)


    ... some pictures from around the ESRA Nats. Our travel group´came tuesday to lake brienz, near interlaken.
    We had great weather and a wonderful time so fare. It makes sense to spend a couple more days on locations like this, there is so many to see and to explore and you have to drive not many miles to enjoy.
    Day 3 ( Friday ) was Rod Run day and Dinner Party.

    Picture added day by day !

    Maby the link works. next week I post the full picture quality in flick-r


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    Matt::::Some magic stuff, some fond fond memories, was on the Gothard in 1966, travelling from Ostend all the way down to Rimini on the Adriatic, Italy. Used the Brenner as well. Then as Holidays advanced we flew into Innsbruck and then down to Rimini. The magic scenery then is unchanged now. Loved the pics.

    Mr. Mod::::maybe this Thread needs Moving from the " Cars for sale"

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