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    Clear out

    Need space and cash for next project
    can take to supernats
    4x new 41 ford stainless hubcaps £120
    1x new 38 ford stainless hood hinge £15
    2x new 38 39 ford truck hood side emblem very small scratch on one £30
    new remote 7” servo with master cylinder Chevy style master was bench bled but would not fit servo is missing vacuum connector £70
    2x new mustang 11 brake caliper £60
    New 24” alloy oil cooler £30
    New steering hub horn push and flamed wheel £120
    new lacarro hub and horn push £40
    new column mount tach cup £15
    alloy Lucas alternator unknown fit £30
    set used do gauges oil sender and fuel sender £40
    new pedal set £50
    new inset tail lights £50
    new inside door and window handles £40
    new flamed side mirrors with used rear view Flamed are embossed not just paint on £110
    3x used ford hub cabs few dents fit smoothies £15
    used ford stainless tail lights and stand only one rubber surface rust on stands £50
    1x Used small peep mirror £10
    used Monday style fuel cap small £25
    new flamed gear or handbrake gator surround £10
    used alloy diff cover very good condition think jag £120
    new overbraid kits £10 each
    new small bonnet hold down £2
    used 8 ball shift knob £10
    used water neck £5
    Used nerf bars £20
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    8 Ball shift knob please. Okay to collect Sunday at supernats? Cheers, Karl.

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    Yes no problem will be gone by lunch time though
    07751347500 woody
    Quote Originally Posted by Karl_LB View Post
    8 Ball shift knob please. Okay to collect Sunday at supernats? Cheers, Karl.

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    I would like the hood emblems

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    Hi I’ll have the 3 x used Ford hubcaps £15, will collect at SuperNats, will be there from Friday on.
    You only made one mistake, you trusted me........

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    3x hub caps sold on facebook sorry
    also gone
    8 ball karl LB
    hood emblems nobler
    overbraid kits
    pedal set
    41 hub caps

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    Hi. I have sent the paypal

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