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Thread: GM spindle ID

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    GM spindle ID

    Hi All.

    I have a 70 nova clip on the truck that's had a disc brake upgrade. The discs are 11 inch 1 thick and a single piston.
    The spindle includes the caliper bracket and has 675 LH 4 cast on the front and 3716/5 LH on the rear.

    I am trying to find out what the spindles came off as I need a new 2 inch drop set.

    I can't seem to find a reference to these numbers online and what I have found does not seem to match up.

    Anyone have any idea?



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    If you're sure its a 70 Nova clip then i'd go for a complete new 2" dropped spindle kit inc brakes from the likes of CPP as your existing brakes may not swap over to the dropped spindles if you aren't sure what theiy're from.

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    Hi. Thanks that's definitely an option but it's a lot more money. It's probably also a better option as I could upgrade to 12 inch discs as I expect the 11 inch are not ideal on a pickup.
    Thanks I will consider that.
    Looking at the existing spindle I think it's a 1970 Camaro as it has brake pad location slots top and bottom.

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    With a 12" disc you'll most likely need to go with a 16" diameter wheel or larger if you dont have them already.

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    Thanks. I am going with 17" so should be fine.

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