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Thread: Steering column & UJ

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    Steering column & UJ

    Hi All,

    I plan on buying a Summit brand column shift to replace my existing column & floor shift.

    The UJ I have is a rag joint 3/4" 30 spline on a 1970 nova steering box. My gearbox is a TH400

    The Summit has a 1" DD

    The UJ I have found 3/4"30 spline to 1"dd is like £90 plus shipping duty & VAT


    1. Is there a cheaper option to join them
    2. Do I need to order anything else (apart from clamps for the column fixing) to hook up the gearbox to the column shift?



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    Car builder solutions do various uj's including dd to spline. Have a look on their website, I'm sure they're cheaper than £90.

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    I can't see an aftermarket column with shifter having the bit and bobs required to hook up to the trans included! You can make your own up with whatever or chuck come money at it through Lokar. My only experience is with the Lokar stuff and that's a bugger to set up (and is fully adjustable). I can't imagine what it would take doing it from scratch!!!!

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    here's the car builder solutions steering components page

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    Thanks everyone. I will check that out.

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    Yes thanks

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