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Thread: Some more random photos

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    Some more random photos

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    wish i had a camera back then ...good ones ta..

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    Why were you giving Sparks a ride?

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    Another great photo set Chris! .
    I`ve had this photo in my `puter for some time and often wondered where it came from...cheers Chris.

    I think this was the meet where Bernie blew his transmission after hitting reverse halfway up the strip, he subsequently fitted an AA truck trans which resulted in a top speed of 25mph … oops!...

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    First pic is my mates' cars - Dale's Daimler T and Ian's Rover B. I hadn't finished my car in '88 so I think that's the year Dale tried a shot of nitrous on the Daimler - if so, he hit something like a high 12 and then on the next run burnt a hole in one of the pistons, leaving me to tow him the 45 miles back to Witney in my company hack Cavalier. Good times.
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    These are f***in awesome!

    Have you got any info/more pics of this?Name:  tapatalk_1567590343483.jpeg
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    that's my old Austin, chopped by billy ( north American)

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    Here's another of Simon Lane's rod I think at the same event at the Pod. Gary's Picnic? Sorry about the glare on the photo of a photo.

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